eternal optimist living in a dystopia

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  • paradoxicalpenman 1d

    I want to write an ocean,
    But as I write the will fades into obscurity,

    I want people to appreciate me,
    But attention makes me crave anonymity,

    I want to follow my passion,
    But my patience is tainted with frailty,

    I desperately long for my soul mate,
    But the nihilist in me questions it's plausibility,

    I want to believe in something,
    Besides Karma nothing lives up to my rationality,

    I want sometimes the materialist comforts,
    But the empath in me makes me feel guilty,

    I could ignore the evils of humanity,
    But the arrogant me starts questioning my morality,

    The road of struggle is infinite, not a destination for me,
    I revel in the journey day by day holding on to my tenacity...

    #miraquill #todo #writersnetwork

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    Revelling in the journey
    I don't care for the destination
    Trying to live a life with no regrets,
    Call me a fool or enlightened one
    But I have given up on what people call ambition..


  • paradoxicalpenman 1w

    In wildness, he thought was the key to be free,
    Time tamed him like a snake charmer,
    Now he is a showpiece for his family,
    And for his friends, the office geek....


  • paradoxicalpenman 1w


    I am not asking for your time,
    Can you give me your attention,

    I am not asking for your love,
    Will you try to live up to my expectation,

    I am not asking for world peace,
    Just don't resort to violence before seeking some alternate resolution,

    I am not asking for appeasement of minorities,
    But will you also avoid populism,

    I am not asking for the truth,
    Just don't manipulate me with your opinions,

    I am not asking that you believe in climate change,
    But can you try to curb pollution,

    I am not asking to give up all faith,
    Hoping against hope is what makes us human....

  • paradoxicalpenman 1w

    Conquering cliches

    Poetry is my last hope, said no one,
    Poetry saved me, I heard from someone,
    Poetry doesn't pay, resounding agreement in unison,
    Poems providing words a soul and feet for my emotions to weather the storm,

    If my poetry doesn't rhyme,
    Worry not, it's not costing you a dime,
    It's just a naive attempt of mine,
    To convey my feelings without mime,

    There's a river flowing inside me,
    Eroding the mountain of my ego,
    Glacier of my humility is melting,
    Introspection, the sun heating me to my core,

    Broken crayons in my bag,
    Painting my life kind of a drag,
    Pen enticing some unique portrayal,
    Poetry, your last hope, uttering in my ears,

    Behind broken hearts, a pattern common,
    Road to recovery music or songs often,
    Alas in life, Hoorah! creativity beckons,
    Cliche of a story yet another poet born,
    Don't be the sour one, embrace the phenomenon,
    Tried and tested, it actually works....


    #writersnetwork #miraquill #poet #wod

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    She brought her love,
    Never being encapsulated,
    He drowning in his sorrows,
    Missing being depressed,

    They returning favours as if,
    Liking content a transaction of give and take,
    Armed with lexicons,
    Some misunderstood others wrongly interpreted,
    Pretentious know it all some too,
    Charading as sophisticated,
    Few leave an imprint with some lines
    That can never be articulated,

    All it takes are words,
    No matter the rhyme, metaphor or a format,
    Rambling or a non-sensical rant,
    Humble or arrogant,
    Poem is either served or sentenced and,
    Everyone becomes a poet..

  • paradoxicalpenman 2w

    Parallel Me

    Anxiety feels like a small pebble,
    While he forges mountains with his dreams,
    Parallel me is not an introvert,
    He pours a sea expressing his feelings,

    His emotions are not slave to other's whim,
    His mind palace has only him as sovereign,
    Ideals don't feel like shackles to him,
    Coz the whole world he treats as his kin,

    Instead of frowning with if onlys,
    He remains jubilant with what ifs,
    Narcissism is something we have in common,
    Coz he is also his favourite being,

    He doesn't need to trick,
    His nightmares into fantasies,
    He writes on peak of Mount Hope,
    To manifest the world he wants to live in,

    He is not a paradox,
    Doesn't dwell in contradictions,
    I call him a worm hole,
    Coz his life I can't even see,
    In my wildest imagination..


  • paradoxicalpenman 2w

    You are
    Perpetrator of your prejudice,
    Proliferator of your propaganda,
    Victim of your biases and
    Preacher of your philosophies.

    You seem
    Beguiled by your beliefs,
    Organised by your opinions,
    Manipulated by your misnomers and
    Celebrated by your concordant.

    You should
    Aspire to be altruistic,
    Open to opposition,
    Forgiving to your foes and
    Happy to be humble...


    #writersnetwork #miraquill #wod #elfchan

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    are perpetrator
    Of your prejudice,
    Proliferator of your propaganda,

    are beguiled
    By your beliefs,
    Organised by your opinions,

    should aspire
    To be altruistic,
    Open to any opposition,

  • paradoxicalpenman 2w

    My anxiety has bookmarked my nightmares while my brain now sets reminders to dream.

  • paradoxicalpenman 2w

    Incognito cognizance

    Plato and Voltaire debating,
    What should the rulers do,
    For one democracy, a charade for fools,
    The other thinks, education the way to truth,
    How I see the mockery of every philosophy now,
    When truth is multi-faceted and morals simply won't do,

    Nietzsche said, God is dead,
    Sylvia adamant on killing herself too,
    World cherished her work post death,
    Is that why God is always in demand where there is doom,

    Oxygen gives me life while killing me, achoo,
    Friction enables my walk, also thwarting my speed, boo,
    If its alright for the God to punish and kill us,
    Just coz he created us,
    Mothers should also be exempted for murder and abuse of their children,
    Why, didn't you all came out of their womb,

    Man don't get paid enough as a model,
    For women, everywhere less, unless she merely a mute statue,
    Gender stuck between privileges and rights,
    Liberals intellectual, phew
    Conservatives ignorant fools,
    Masses sheep, power the shepherd,
    Why billionaires and politicians don't have pay gap issue?

    Tax the rich!!!, jeez, must be blasphemous for capitalism,
    That is what the evil communists do,
    Power to the proletariat, poor Marx,
    Your dreams won't come true,
    Humans have the penultimate weapon,
    Forget blaming others,
    They have the ability of concoction,
    Luck, destiny, religion or talent,
    Work!!! Just protect these creatures from this voodoo,

    History, written by winners, losers don't have a say, shoo,
    Philosophy, illusionist's lure,
    Geography toyed with human evolution,
    Maths and sciences have given a clock to the passage of time,
    Or else what would us brainy humans do,

    A pessimal optimist I am or a believer nihilist,
    A cynical critic or a critical cynic,
    In pursuit of selflessness, hmmm,
    Oh lord!! Won't you save me from the hangman's noose,
    Thoughts are wild and on the loose!!

  • paradoxicalpenman 2w

    A mirage

    Whether the weather was nostalgic,
    Or the climate reminiscent,
    He had to weather through them all,
    While chasing opulence,

    Now he doesn't know how to stop,
    Wealth weathered his contentment,
    Weather of nostalgia returned again,
    Greed the only feature in the flashback,
    Yet he thinks, Money certainly earned him more friends....


  • paradoxicalpenman 2w

    �������� ��������(����)

    Wouldn't you like to know?
    The depth of your potential,
    The peaks of your imagination,
    The truth about your reality,
    Or the sanctity of your character,

    The root of your vices,
    Wouldn't you like to know?
    The pillars of your prejudice,
    The foundation of your bias,
    Or the cause of your incompetence,

    The joy you aspire for,
    The peace you desperately seek
    Wouldn't you like to know?
    Secret for your success,
    Or the elixir to alleviate your suffering,

    The people's expectation from you,
    The ideal field to pursue,
    Who are your friend,
    Wouldn't you like to know?
    Who is your hidden foe,

    The meaning of life,
    Reason behind a belief,
    Purpose of their existence,
    Or significance of death,
    Wouldn't you like to know?
    Who is pulling the threads?


    #writersnetwork #miraquill #ten #wod

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    Pursuit met purpose,
    All is well,
    But when it's a failure,
    That's when the dominoes fell...