My Proclivity doesn't matter, but your hatred do��

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  • passion_pearl 4d

    Embellished Soul

    Melody Sung by Sky,
    Yet optic, moored on him
    Damn, why?
    Cold breeze making our moment High,
    Yet am jealous as it touched him softly,
    Before I could and I can't deny
    For that instance,
    I can count my countless breath,
    And those paralyzed Words,
    Your sparkling eyes,
    Giving me light for day n night
    Trust me, I lost all my pensive for that moment
    Every inch of I being 'Us',
    Threw me towards intoxication
    So, I held myself tightly
    In his arms
    With a lil' fear over there,
    Yet felt like walking on cloud
    With butterflies all around


  • passion_pearl 8w

    To feel the essence of being there
    Discard the blues,
    You ever had
    B'coz what is, will always be
    The Hues made me be you
    And uk what being you is upto
    So, will you accept me that ways
    Or we gonna end up nearly saying no
    Traitor haunt me, honey
    And I nearby fell into the rounded sink
    Idk whether you are there to hold me
    But that fall is a real haunt honey
    Uplifting the trauma,
    Can never be drama
    The burst that rest in the corner
    Which is left untouchable for me being you
    Because you and me are in process of something and we both are uncertain
    Of the land
    Because that land contains only us
    Us in the sky
    And will we ever ask why
    And will Chrysanthemum ever die ?
    The Zeal of missing is an outburst
    And those small lil' bubbles
    Are your messenger , honey
    And the burst is not in my hand
    I wanna hold you tight to remove
    All your insecurities
    And let uk, that I'll stay there
    Even if you are not searching for me
    So, relief, deep relief
    And am in form of one tiny lash,
    Which will always protect you from troubles
    Trauma is now leading to drama
    Making me feel sick and cold.
    To the place I had in utmost corner
    Is already snatched away, honey
    Making me stand clueless
    Making my utopia, numbness


    #pod #totd #life #trouble #rise #live #journey @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill

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    //Tryna live a life, loved

    Broken Heart, Broken Soul
    Makes the entire World, darken hole

  • passion_pearl 16w

    October Visited With Cliche Unlimited :/
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #pod #totd #october #life #happiness #trust

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    How Are YoU?
    how many times you encounter this a day,
    hOw many people actually wanna know,
    And how many people you actually wanna tell

    You seek happiness, You seek love
    But you gotta Trust
    Someone Someday in Someway will find You
    When you'll be ready to find Someone Someday in Someway

    People's perception can't limit you,
    And your ones won't limit you
    'cause YoU, feel YoUr Dream(Alot)
    Even When you won't tell about It


  • passion_pearl 18w

    There are Billion Lives,
    but you'll meet few,
    and few will meet you

    Not Everyone will Understand you,
    Neither you've to force anyone,
    Nor you've to pretend to be someone
    'cause you're special in your own way
    And precise eyes will find your worth


  • passion_pearl 25w

    Having a damn human support in life
    Can make the journey more beautiful ..

    #pod #writer #miraquill #wod #life #journey #deal #love #soulmate #admire #self_love @miraquill @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Am learning to deal with troubles all alone,
    And am Sure, I'll heal too
    But, Isn't It grateful tho
    To have a Human brace
    Yeah, It isn't the Necessity
    But Isn't It the opulence
    And I think, It's OKAY to have that desire,
    Like Who Doesn't?

  • passion_pearl 30w

    Am lost in a World ,
    Where you can't reach
    Open your window ,
    You'll find a Glimpse of me
    Standing right there;
    Where I supposed to be
    Seeking for the Crossroad,
    B'coz at the end they always meet

    Thoughts of me and you
    And you and me .
    Isn't my spine so cold? (Strange?!)
    For you it's another life's fold
    But then let you know,
    Am bold enough to behold!

    HOPE , Still there in every corner of me
    But don't you think 'US' need something;
    That's Respect,
    But that's Mutual right? Isn't it?

    Just paint the sky pink for us ,
    To celebrate lily love & togetherness.
    For me:; Just be like a black-hole
    An' accept me , the me , the me as whole

    Indeed , I'll shine for you; Forever
    I'll take you to Infinity ,
    Maybe, I'll let you stitch camouflage hole in my heart,
    Anyhow if we end up here ,
    Maybe in these lines or these spaces .
    Just. Just fix a date up the sky,
    Thanking June & Welcoming July ..

    #pod #setting #miraquill #wod #life #july #love #forever #contant #hope #shine #moon #trust #live #writer #content #bff #poet #prose @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post

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    I admire the beauty of my soul
    Then you came, to make me whole
    So, Is it love ?
    Or mere illusion shove?

  • passion_pearl 32w

    I've Dossal of Pain,
    In very corner of my Heart
    And it Hurts Badly
    It Lacerate my Wounds,
    Which never Exist

    I've Complicated mess of Life,
    It's a never-ending,
    Web of Problems ,
    Which is never desired

    Promises aren't everyone's Cuppa,
    Some can make it , but can't fulfill it
    Some don't even have guts
    Some have bunch of lame excuse lying there
    And Some have shit false promise

    So, In this Era of Fallacious Hope,
    Are You Insane enough to Promise ,
    R(EVOL)UTION & Embrace it all
    But you wouldn't dare , Would You?

    The Darkness Got
    My Love After the
    Moon Confessed That It Have Scars Too & You Knew

    Are you Loony in Moments like me?
    Been in Pain like me ?
    Or shared your Mash Feeling Only with Your Soul?
    As this Ruthless Humanity Grasped me
    I finally realised ,
    The beauty Of Saying 'NO'..

    #pod #life #love #promise #dusk #mirakee #heal #pain #moments #alone #solitude #affair #writersnetwork #wod @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Are you brave enough ,
    To Promise me,
    My FOREVER ?

  • passion_pearl 33w

    Am Hurt,
    Oh! It's not You,
    It's Me who trusted You
    I'll never Hate you ,
    Because I don't want you
    In any whichever way

    Am Afraid,
    Now I can't share heart
    With Anyone Anymore

    Am Afraid ,
    Of Sharing Souls
    What-if this time
    I get whole new bunch
    Of infinite broken pieces

    Am Afraid ,
    Of these traitors ,
    They haunt me
    In my Nights

    Am Afraid,
    Of becoming
    A whole new version
    You wanted me to be

    Am Afraid,
    Of trusting people
    What-if they are,
    Demons of my Graveyard


    #pod #writersnetwork #life #demons #hurt #traitors #lessons #mirakee #faith #soul #broken #love #heart @readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Darling I Abhor You

    You put me deep down to Ashes,
    I wanted to tell,
    It Hurts
    But were you ever there
    To listen to my Blurt?

  • passion_pearl 37w

    I am a bloody Escapist
    Escaping from bitter reality,
    Giving excuses of incapability,
    Limiting my own sovereignty,
    Dying facing this harsh brutality..

    Am a bloody Escapist
    Trying hard to find solution
    B/w these lines of revolution,
    Forcing ; Forcing Hard
    To fix these sleepless nights of mental Scars

    But Hold On!
    Am actually Lost; Lost between
    Trying harder and failing wider,
    Is all this even worth trying?

    I know this is not right,
    I know this is not my last option,
    I know I'm way Stronger than this
    But Yes, I am an Escapist ..


    *Pic credit goes to its rightful owner
    #pod #escapist #life #love #myself #blessings #wod #peace #beauty #soul #innersoul #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Never ending choice to be an escapist


  • passion_pearl 37w

    .. Unfortunately
    I don't have the ability,
    To read another's mind
    Am lost b/w trying again
    And moving On..
    Whatever I try,
    You keep me captive in chains
    Only demons hurt the wings of angels,
    This time cupid's arrow brought me only troubles
    Blood flows through my veins
    I wanna know
    If I can even text you again..

    #pod #wod #mirakee #love #text #message #life #cupid #angels #desire #troubles #demons #letter @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Can I text u again?

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