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  • pawani_t 3h


    One day when you can't find me ashore,
    Come look for me at a place:
    Where the candor is no longer scared of the gloominess of the nightfall.
    Where the ocean meets the right-doing bridging the wrong-doing.

    One day when you can't find me ashore,
    Come look for me at a place:
    Where love is not marked by lines of manipulation.
    Where kindness is seen as a selfless illustration.

    One day when you can't find me ashore,
    Know that I have reached a place out of my reverie,
    To seek the path of self-discovery.

  • pawani_t 1w

    The Cursed Night or the Enchanted Night

    "You must be very satisfied with your being, aren't you? "
    Was the question that kept lingering in the night's mind for ages.
    Many a days went by,
    Trying to find a positive answer for the same.

    Solitude gripped tight,
    Over the shoulders of night.
    With a mountain of self-doubt,
    The night started pondering over its existence-
    "Aren't the stars that occupy my habitat,
    Mere thieves,
    Trying to overshadow my presence? "

    "Isn't the moonlight,
    Lighting up my frame,
    Trying to diminish my competency? "

    "Am I cursed to be forever alone,
    Even though I am surrounded by many a souls known? "

    In these moment of self - loathing,
    Appeared the surreal fairy
    To give the night
    A view of the appealing reality.

    "Oh my Enchanted Night :
    It is the stars that paint your beautiful canvas.
    It is the moon that romanticizes you.
    Living in harmony with others
    Is what makes us balanced.
    It is the company of others
    That add on to our winsome existence."

    Finally the night was indeed satisfied with its being!

  • pawani_t 4w

    Night Sky Canvas

    On days like those,
    When solitude captures your mind field,
    Just sit back and gaze at the night sky.

    Visualise the night sky like a big canvas:
    Of dazzling disenchanted dreams,
    Of broken promises,
    Of relentless hopes,
    Of unfulfilled desires.

    And yet you would find the sky so beautiful,
    With all its shattered pieces.
    Maybe that is what the sky wants you to learn:
    That you could be scattered ,
    Yet be so stunning at the same time.

  • pawani_t 5w

    Caliginous Night

    Walking back to my car,
    Felt different that evening.
    With a heavy heart,
    With a soul torn apart,
    With eyes filled with tear droplets,
    With spirit like an empty pocket.

    The evening turned into a caliginous night.
    With the hostility taking over my spirits,
    With the bitterness taking over me every minute.

    Days passed by,
    Months passed by,
    And yet today when I recall that caliginous night,
    It does seem bright,
    For it made me ignite:
    Ignite with a staunch psyche,
    Despite the fatigued life spikes.

  • pawani_t 6w


    What you label as serendipitous encounter,
    Is God's way of giving you the best that you truly deserve.

  • pawani_t 6w


    It felt as though the hands of clock,
    Sunk through the nub of time,
    To take me back to the place,
    Where it all started.

    The place where I found the stream of saudade,
    Engulfing my consciousness.

    The place where remained a dilute version of myself,
    Who believed in the probity of kindness,
    Who believed in the element of happiness,
    By pouring my heart out.

    Walking down these memory lanes,
    Discovered a frail version of myself,
    Buried deep within the fossil of time,
    Which no longer will see the light of present.

  • pawani_t 6w


    What if it is not just an illusion?
    But your heart whispering you,
    About the imminent reality.

    What if it is not just an illusion?
    But your mind guiding you,
    To explore your potentialities.

  • pawani_t 7w

    A New Day, Everyday

    Amidst the everyday struggles of life,
    How to bring yourself in terms with the situation?
    How to balance the mind and heart equation?

    Amidst the rattling noise of chaos around you,
    How to find few decibels of peace?
    How to let your negative thoughts cease?

    As muddled as it may feel,
    Life gives you a new perspective everyday,
    Just to teach you survival in all possible way!

  • pawani_t 7w

    Endings : Autumn of our life

    As I walked amidst the falling leaves,
    I could see them landing on the ground full of grief.

    As I felt the dry air hit against my face,
    I could make out its prickly entry into my barren land.

    I could sense the slow descent :
    Of betrayal, of manipulations.
    All these reminding me of my life season : Autumn.
    Autumn, blunt and emotionless, portrays that even the tallest tree sheds its leaves,
    Only to tend to our beautiful buds of the future.
    Autumn reminds me of Endings.
    Endings which open the door to new possibilities and new potentialities,
    Possibilities which you have never dreamt of
    And potentialities which you never self discovered.
    Endings are just God's way of commencing new beginnings.

  • pawani_t 8w


    Over the years, I safeguarded it within my soul,
    Scared to bring it out as a whole.
    And then arrived the day when I dropped my guard,
    To let in the elements of the outside world,
    Only to get my trust curled into endless swirls,
    Eventually to go back into the placid mind pearl.