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  • peachywriter 16w

    "as I lay here in the dark
    I tend to ponder my thoughts
    I lay in a pit of imagination
    my dreams are neverending
    I can lay in a field of flowers
    and never seem to think again
    I hear of the whispers & voices of my mind
    it pulls me into a weightless field
    my horizon filled of pictures
    such pictures becoming a reality
    as if I was them
    my characters in my dreams
    in my eyes I see through their eyes
    such depth of wonder
    I lay there in peace
    in a field of open flowers"

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    When I'm surrounded by flowers, I tend to linger and stare, I just sit in peace, and live the timeless dreams in my head

  • peachywriter 21w

    as I lay
    I watch
    feeling the rain
    soft splatters against my face
    the sky was quiet
    dark clouds spread across
    like whispers on the wind
    light spread over the clouds
    clash of loud sounds
    as I lay
    seeing the fall of petals
    flowers draped over my face
    like petals on the rain
    the storm is quiet
    until thunder rumbles

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    Like petals on the rain

  • peachywriter 22w

    I watch and I stare
    ordinarily wrong
    not as mundane as I should be
    death has a kind way of following
    they sit, they linger
    they whisper our misgivings
    our misfortunes & our sins
    like paper on wax
    we give way to heat
    they follow in the shadows
    wade in shallow waters
    they are there, in secret
    I watch & I stare
    ordinarily wrong
    when I helped many times before
    no human, no good or evil
    I am a void
    sheltering beyond the shadows
    where no good or evil shall touch
    while I just follow them
    as they follow you

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    shallow as they come, death wakes at their hands

  • peachywriter 22w

    I'll sit by, be your master piece
    Stroke by stroke
    You paint my face
    Sitting there by the shore
    Where the waves crash on and on
    Paints of extraordinary colours
    Brisk by the brush
    Where a eye meets an eye
    Splitter & broken
    Pieces of drift wood fell
    Paper torn,
    While I lay wait & wade in your tears
    The stain of your blood
    Seeps into the sand
    I'll sit by, be your master piece
    Your very last,
    My dear

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    I'll wait by the ocean and wade in your tears

  • peachywriter 30w

    This is a true story, I often share my life through the flicker of poems or slams, there are people out there who know what I mean. Forgiveness isn't something I plan to ever do. As it has been years
    But I was forced to grow up too fast
    #grownup #darkness #theworld

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    Was Once

    I was once a little girl
    Little girls grow up
    They cry
    They love
    They feel anger
    When I was a girl
    I was carefree
    Not a blemish of darkness
    Till him
    A man, not much older
    One who I looked up to
    And as a little girl
    I trusted him
    My other half
    My own brother
    I was a little angel
    Whom never saw evil
    Until him
    Darkness corrupted my heart
    The first night
    He told me to not tell them
    I hid in the shadows
    Behind my parents
    I wasn't carefree
    I wasn't joyful
    I would hide in my room
    Wait out until he left
    Days blossomed into weeks
    It wasn't long till he was gone
    I saw no justice
    He is still around
    But darkness clouds my heart
    Secrecy floods my very soul
    The man who I despise
    The one who I hate
    For far so long,
    I hope to never see him
    My brother, a horrible man
    I was once a little girl
    Who saw the world in light
    But as I grew up
    I was faced with darkness

  • peachywriter 34w

    #momentsintime #serpent #eden #unknown #mystery #humankind

    Day in and day out, mankind wish to see the worse of people and when they do, they shy away

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    my loveliest eden
    what mankind has done to me
    so unjust
    so cruel
    they locked me in a cage
    called me the serpent
    before their very eyes
    I transformed
    into the beast they wanted
    bare with me
    my loveliest eden
    for we shall remain
    the same

  • peachywriter 38w

    #dangerousthoughts #slampoem #me #person #love #selfishness
    thoughts of a human being is forced to be normalized, find someone. Get out there and seek help and learn to recreate that one heartbroken side of you, it will take time but you will be happy.

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    I thought of suicide last night
    I was just tired of everything.
    I took a walk and met a random stranger
    We sat down for hours
    He told me his history
    Told me of times when family and friends broke his trust
    A time when he served in the service
    That he held those dangerous thoughts
    Deep down I knew
    Depressed as I was, he was too
    Yes I thought of suicide
    The thought of dying
    Perhaps taking a blade to my wrist
    A cliche story is all what it seems
    So laid back
    So out there
    I looked to him and found something new
    He left me wondering
    What could be the future
    If they knew these thoughts of mine
    Fear of being locked up
    Stuffed with pills and watched over
    All of this fear holding up
    Fearing to seek help as I know it
    In that summer
    A part of me died
    No way of getting it back
    Except to regrow myself
    To be a better person
    To recreate my life
    It's no fun and games
    Not when family and friends
    Are the ones who would be affected
    A few words in
    I know I am broken
    Not a part of me knows the truth
    And that the truth is, the internal struggle is slowly fading
    Cause that part of me that lives and breathes
    Knows I am beautiful, smart and able to do outstanding things
    Like a internal war of mind
    Yes I am broken
    But I can be repaired
    Rebuilt to be a better self
    It was all my doing
    I made myself a better person
    No one else
    Seeking help isn't bad
    Even if it's a stranger
    They held love and care for me
    Not evening knowing me
    No I'm not cured
    That wont be for awhile
    I just know, I am happy

  • peachywriter 44w


    Not all say the truth.
    It all will be damned
    We tend to smile
    But all is not right

    We seek love and a caring touch
    Behind a smile
    Is nothing but all lies
    A mask forged by a twisted tongue

    Words that leave a trail of betrayal
    All but lies
    With a heavy heart
    I must divulge
    An to disagree
    A smile is truly fading
    One of lies
    The other of betrayal

    A touch ever so loosely
    We are better off lonely

  • peachywriter 57w

    #light #dark #angel #demon #devil #riddle
    Fancy the dark my darlings?
    Come and find what you seek

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    for we may pray
    to bestode upon the lightness
    as greatness is not the key
    for what may linger
    hidden away in the darkness
    under a blanket of shadows
    is the one we seek
    light may not protrude
    for it was heard he may not like it
    to heed his call
    is for what we may pray for
    is all greatness beyond light
    for it is the devil who lingers

  • peachywriter 63w

    even the perfect
    are not perfect
    sin always lies
    beneath the skin