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  • pearl_pride 24w


    You build walls around yourself
    Only to realise that you have detached yourself
    You cannot distinguish what you are walling in or walling out
    All you know is that you are protecting your life
    The air around you feels suffocating
    But what do you have to end this suffering?
    You lay your head and close your eyes
    Thinking someday you will find your peace of mind.

  • pearl_pride 26w

    Have you ever felt so Heavy?

    Have you ever felt heavy?
    A feeling that pulls you down. It feels like you are sinking.
    As if your soul is being sucked out of your body
    An immense pain which you can't describe. Your face, tensed and numb
    Your forehead, sweaty. A longing, yet you don't know what you are longing.
    A torture which you can't describe. You lay numb on the bed,
    Waiting for it to pass.
    Your head spinning,
    Unconscious yet conscious.
    Have you ever felt so Heavy?