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  • pen_to_paper 36w

    There is a world I see
    Where no life is lost
    Where forgiveness wipes away tears
    And love comes at no cost
    There is a world I see where
    All curses breaks its chains
    Where Berlin walls of hatred falls
    Where oppression speaks its pains
    A world I see where society
    Kicks criticism out the door
    Where poverty does not seek humanity
    And corruption rots like fish no more
    I see a world where every boy and every girl plays inside the chapters of a book
    And if I look at my brother
    I see no colour
    Him and I bleed the same red
    And I see happiness, like a rainbow
    Casts itself on all kind, race, creed or colour
    This is the world I see instead

  • pen_to_paper 36w

    Dear Death

    I pace about their bosoms
    like the beat of drum
    doof doof doof doof
    still they lock me in a closet
    by doing and doing
    and Being none

    Dear Life
    I place my hand on their bosom
    clenched like a fist
    knuckles out
    I knock knock knock knock
    still sometimes I hear a faint whisper
    Please let me live a little longer
    A taste of sudden sadness befalls my palate
    when my hand closes the door
    when doof doof
    falls silenced
    and you Life pace
    about their bosoms no more

  • pen_to_paper 36w

    If my sky was not blue
    and my day bled red
    would you choose
    to love another instead

    If birds did not sing
    and preferred to fly ahead
    would you choose
    to love another instead

    If roses wither
    when I whisper words unsaid
    would you choose
    to love another instead

    If butterflies and fireflies
    in my presence fell dead
    would you choose
    to love another instead

    If my bed was empty
    and lonliness descend
    would you choose
    to love another instead

  • pen_to_paper 36w

    "The chances you take, the people you meet, the people you love, the faith you have. That's what's going to define you."
    ~Denzel Washington

    What lies at the beginning of a blank page after you have filled it up with words and ended it with a full stop? Is it perseverance, is it consistency or is it perhaps power, willpower? What roars in you like a tiger you can't tame? Is it passion? Does it start with a WHY at the top of your page? Why do you write? How does it make you feel? Is writing like breathing to you? When you write are you afraid of what people might think? Or do you write your heart out because you have a purpose, a goal? Do you look the other way when criticism throws rocks your way? They say work your hardest when no one is looking, let your work speak for itself. Just Do It Nike say. And then there's Charles Bukowski that says; "If it doesn't come bursting out of you inspite of everything Don't Do It." Is there a thing called failure? What does failure mean? Would you like a definition? Here goes from the dictionary: Failure noun 1. Lack of success. Is failure perhaps another word for procrastination? Putting it off till tomorrow. What lies between failure and success? Is it tiny steps, is it falling down then getting back up? Is it the eye of the tiger? Is it writing and writing and more writing and reading and reading and more reading even on days you don't feel like it? Is there really something called writers block or is it  made up?
    When you start a business are you successful? When you finish your degree are you successful? When you have written 6 bestselling books are you successful? Is success perhaps a never ending process? Will there always be room for growth? Will you ever reach your destination?
    Heres my answer! No!
    Might as well journey on!

  • pen_to_paper 36w

    From the POV of a piece material to be transformed into a dress

    her hazel brown eyes
    runs over me
    again and again and again like a scanner
    I lay bare, pinned down
    revealing all my insecurities
    her fingers dances across me
    taking measurements then
    shapes my flesh

    her razor sharp scissors cuts into me
    the pattern of her imagination
    she squints then looks
    through a magnifying glass
    as she stitches my waistline
    perfectly into place

    I taste her blood drop
    from her pricked index finger
    I hear the Singer hum a note from
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    as the wheel lifts then lowers the needle
    I smell her passion drifting
    in the room like smoke
    from a burning inscence
    my bossom she decorates
    with golden glitter
    my wrists she pierces
    with diamond studs

    endless nights lie asleep behind us
    I am her baby she nursed into
    the early hours of the morning
    she bathes me in cool water then
    irons out the little insecurities left in me

    and soon she will place me on a mannequin and soon someone will want me and soon I
    will end up in the hands of a damsel

    our skins will rub against each other
    and we will feel complete
    as if we were made for each other
    and my maker she will smile
    with her hazel brown eyes


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    And all I ask of you
    is to love me
    just the way
    I was created
    and I promise
    to love you back

  • pen_to_paper 37w

    Summer reminds me of

    Open Windows
    painted toe nails
    sundress, undress, my sun kissed skin

    Lazy daisies sleeps beneath the smoldering sun

    We dip barefoot into Love
    mango is sweet heaven
    I lick gently off your lips
    with my eyes closed
    I inhale the scent of your heated body
    then grasp
    in my breath, your warm air

    picnic in the park
    under the moonlit night
    listening to blues music
    serenade our soul

    January comes on little fox feet
    leaving frostbites at my door
    and our Love lies frozen
    on the Ocean's floor


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    How I long for Summer and I remember..

  • pen_to_paper 37w

    I have been dying to tell you
    about my dream
    I could almost taste death
    slithering on my tongue like a snake
    afraid its poison might eat me alive
    from the inside
    colouring my organs a coal ash

    the figure gnaws at my finger
    I scream for mother
    my bed an empty box
    I want to climb out of
    but it pushes me down
    deep into the dirt I go

    I am a peanut in a dark shell
    waiting for someone
    to crack me wide open
    the snake green
    the colour of this rock
    I could not pick up
    to crush its scull

    the clock moves like a snail
    and I'm kept here
    my spirit gets goosebumps all over
    and I'm kept here
    against my own free will
    and I'm kept right here

    it eats my fingernails
    pink raw flesh cries red
    my cotton bed sheets
    is the Red Sea ripped in two

    I store this dream in my right brain
    I keep pushing replay
    like a YouTube video I'm addicted to
    trying to to make sense
    of what I've just been put through

    I saw my blood talk to me
    a dark figure
    I could put my hand right through
    it sits up then falls back down
    like a young horse
    I could never ride out of its tail

    I wrote it down and wrapped it in an envelope and placed it on your grave
    with the hope you will get a chance to read it

    If you do say a little prayer for me
    like you did when I had nightmares
    and you taught me
    not to talk about them
    but ask guidance from God

    #fear #wod

    I did this as a prompt from Rupi Kaur's
    writing class on YouTube perfect timing for this prompt:)

    I'm really afraid of bad dreams.

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    I have been dying to tell you..
    What I fear most...

  • pen_to_paper 37w

    with words
    he drove her
    over the edge
    of a cliff
    leaving her black and blue

    #gogyohka #wod

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    with words
    he drove her
    over the edge
    of a cliff
    leaving her black and blue

  • pen_to_paper 37w

    you didn't know it then, honey
    my eyes were shooting stars
    my heart was the night
    when I was walking down the path
    that leads to the end of the road
    to throw myself into the mouth
    of the moving automobile
    its eyes blinking at my shadow
    stiff as a stick
    you didn't know it then
    when you came looking for me
    that night I was walking down the path

    Oh honey, will you listen to me
    there's an elephant in my room
    and it won't go
    the neighbour sits behind a closed window with headphones on
    and the walls break themselves in two
    I make mud baths
    we roll inside ourselves
    we splatter it all over
    my white walls
    it slips, it falls
    I call for help
    from under its foot

    so you see honey, I do not mind waiting
    sinking into the seat under the shade
    invincible to the world
    I do not mind
    give me a pen
    place a piece of paper 
    on my warm lap
    and leave me honey, leave me
    on this lush green patch of possibilities


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    Oh honey you dont even know it
    you saved me from my own destruction

  • pen_to_paper 37w

    she slept in it
    she dreamt in it
    I saw her wear it
    in the early hours of the morning

    she was a sewing machine
    putting hearts back into
    dying corpses then stitched them close
    then handed them back to the ones they love

    I kept a bottle of her favourite perfume
    under my pillow
    I emptied half of it all over my body
    so her scent may last atleast
    for a few hours

    my ice cream leakes
    onto my silver - blue dress she sewed for me on her only Sunday off
    I slide straight into her open arms
    I put my head on her chest
    like I did the day I was born
    I beg the day " please do not go"

    when you are born, crying into this world
    NO ONE  expects you to share
    the first face you see with strangers

    they asked me to identify her body
    frozen cold
    as if they didn't know her name
    as if they didn't know the name of her perfume
    I only knew her scent
    she was a superwoman I reply
    she wore a Cape
    only I didn't get to see her fly


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    If I could I would ask for more time with you