reciprocator of humanity

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  • penkin 13m

    We place someone at the highest place in our heart but they easily jump down for a suicide of the relationship

  • penkin 19h

    Thann kannerai kooda thaenaaga maattrum pookall
    Soagathil sirikkum manidhanai vida maelaanavai

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    தன் கண்ணீரை கூட தேனாக மாற்றும் பூக்கள்
    சோகத்தில் சிரிக்கும் மனிதனை விட மேலானவை

  • penkin 1d

    My dream may come true when my grandchild is alive.. dream is just a seed in the genetics that carry visions of a person for generations to come. That's the main reason we need to dream bigger and bigger towards honest desires, which may not a fruit of our basket, but the idea gets transcended and finally leads to achievement.

  • penkin 1d

    Break the barriers in loving the world
    Brake the accelerating inhumane agendas
    Drape the countries with humanity
    Trap the arms and ammunitions
    Dress the broken hearts
    Suture them without a scar
    Make a magical meaningful walk
    That created the blossoms on you way
    More than live and let live,
    Love and be loved
    World and life is beautiful,
    When the omnipresence of love is seen with love

  • penkin 2d

    Friendly people are not friends &
    Friends need not be friendly all the time

  • penkin 3d

    Aisle of my night thoughts
    Leading me towards poetry,
    To Ruminate about the day passed
    Or to self recharge for tomorrow..
    Verses written out of imagination today
    May help in my practical difficulties tomorrow..

  • penkin 4d

    A person who proved his/her intelligence to the world is unable to understand life and cunning people around

  • penkin 4d

    The heavy wind that opened my notebook
    Trespassed into my poetry with the fluttering pages.
    The wind helped the birds and butterflies to copy my verses of life...
    Birds sung my melancholy and gained human's empathy
    Butterflies carried my wounds to the flowers
    And the flowers tinctured them with honey
    Still my selfless poetry book is open
    To be the healer of all species and mankind except me..

  • penkin 4d

    Appreciating someone wholeheartedly needs courage..

  • penkin 4d

    The pathetic condition of today's world is doubting someone's kindness..