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  • penned__thoughts__ 69w


    Save the tissue beauty before you scar it.

  • penned__thoughts__ 84w

    Hey Dear GOSSIP,
    I am the FACT you don't know
    I am NOT the MYTH you say.


  • penned__thoughts__ 87w


    Break the chains of slavery
    Spread the wings of love
    Eliminate the jealousy in you
    Be a Golden heart & strong support
    Stop tears
    Have no fears
    Start smile
    Be a mile ahead
    Don't be the reason for someone to cry
    Instead be a reason for someones smile
    Make everyday the best
    Make every minute awesome
    Life is all about love caring affection
    Not about hatred crying fights.


  • penned__thoughts__ 89w


    I remember you as the destiny decided
    I love you the way fate designed
    I miss you the way you remember
    I lost you from my thoughts

  • penned__thoughts__ 89w


  • penned__thoughts__ 116w

    The immortal one
    Wish us to be happy
    Request us to stay in homes
    Praying sacred mantras of him
    To Save us from corona

  • penned__thoughts__ 116w

    Things turned out sour from being tangy
    Relation turned out bitter from being sweet
    Brother on Anger mode(Spicy)
    Sister on salt mode
    If no salt how can pickle be made
    It's not about Ugadi chutney
    It's all about how things are between me and my sister.
    Tangi doesn't mean only sister,
    it also means favorite & one and only.

  • penned__thoughts__ 116w

    A happy soul physically
    HYPOXIC SOUL mentally
    What happened to it internally?
    Acting everything externally!!!
    It entered the stage of gasping
    May be soon it goes ending.
    Yes there is need for resuscitation,
    But who will resuscitate?
    Yes,It is myself!!

  • penned__thoughts__ 118w


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    No no say no to shaking hands
    No no say no to crowding zone
    No no say no to touching everywhere
    No no say no to travelling around
    No no say no to rumours spread
    No no say no to corona
    Yes yes say yes to use tissue while coughing, sneezing
    Yes yes say yes to check-up if symptoms present
    Yes yes say yes to isolation to save others
    Yes yes say yes to sterilium rub
    Yes yes say yes to health workers saftey
    Yes yes say yes let's kill corona

  • penned__thoughts__ 118w

    You are the one
    Never forgotten this first one
    Being cute
    With all your hairs straight
    Always being stepup(heels)
    With all your makeup
    Valuing every inch of friendship
    Giving life to the best relationship
    It's all about the 18 girl
    Who is striving hard to achieve her goal
    Happy Birthday dear friend