One day woke up to find out I could write my heart out. And here we are with a thousand colours of life. ����

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  • penned_sorcery 203w

    वक़्त की जरा कमी हैं और शाम ढल रही हैं....

  • penned_sorcery 206w

    By unknown writer

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    Subtleties of the unsettled

  • penned_sorcery 220w

    " Shaken not stirred "
    No, its not James Bond it is Life which said those words.

  • penned_sorcery 223w

    I'm sorry for the language but felt it was needed #dataleak #facebook

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    Fuck your opinion
    Honestly privacy ?
    Fuck you and your privacy
    Facebook I would rather call it mindfuckimg tracebook
    What is that god damn look on your face ?
    We just had the pic you posted and now we have your birth certificate and names all in uppercase
    Cocaine was shit for the oldies
    Now we sell your data to the inavders on the streets
    Pablo was in Columbia and the US of A blamed it on the communism
    Killed him for his sins that were becoming procrastination
    We are the new lords sitting in the middle of fucking California doing dealings and meetings
    No authority calls us
    Where is the Authority ? We are the motherfucking rulers of your rationality
    Your opinion, your thoughts.
    Your likings and your what not's
    We sell 'em like weed in the parking lots
    Big data, small data oh Data !
    Oh somebody of this big book website had an orgasm
    Technology, histography oh motherfuckers I just invented a new word
    Let me see your money and the head counts and the shining bit coin trophies
    NSA drooling over my cellphone, laptop, tv but you know what I don't give a fuck !
    You fuckers calling me a pirate downloading movies and games with sky rocket high rates
    But your are the fucking pirate leaders selling my info at sly rates to those scoundrels with low stakes
    FBI hunting me for killing their hyper reality
    Shot gun and a few click-clicks and here is the end of my personality
    I see a war coming
    The world war Z 2.0 version
    A fucking revolution in brewing
    And data blood bath ensuing
    That as a warning dickheads
    The world is blind until it wants to be
    The next guillotine will be on your heads and your kids will be there to see

  • penned_sorcery 223w

    Since flashpoint is possible. Maybe both Bruce Wayne and Thomas Wayne are alive and both are batman in an alternate universe. Interesting eh !!

  • penned_sorcery 223w


    Syria all part of the hysteria
    Bombs away ! The sky filled with spy planes
    Hearts with fear and hatred
    The only tune is the bullets hitting metal, oh to the ears it feels so beloved
    President of the duck face nation denying the existence of the 3rd world
    Putin also up for hunting game so calling it assassination
    Duck face and valdmir called it procrastination
    School shootings like knockout rounds in the rings
    Just another day in the grandest of america, let's sing and drink
    NRA calling for more guns
    Oh boy, they do are having really great fun !
    Reality of hysteria, A thousand died in a day
    Another 3k in two
    Headlines up, mass killing in the US of A
    17 dead 20 wounded
    Humans of the free world astounded
    While in syria another 500 kids dead
    President of duck face nation says, Let's nuke those terrorist and wipe 'em from earth's face
    We are the KKK and supreme is the white race
    People of the free world, notes on the school table, "Respect people with Rockefeller money" it says
    What an amazingly built maze !
    Our tomahawks and your lives is all we raze

  • penned_sorcery 223w

    Art work

    When the art is amazing and you are left star gazing
    When the acrylic flows on the poster feels like the waves are really dancing like roller coaster
    The pastels so bright, green shades grew around it to the left and to the right
    Thoughts so abstract did you even use up the last colour pack ?
    Prodigy of the mythological reality
    Ladies and gentlemen, Here we are looking at an art work of the unknown insanity

  • penned_sorcery 237w

    Who am I to judge ?
    Thy lies and thy actions
    Who am I to give any reactions ?


  • penned_sorcery 243w

    When the game is to die, how do u expect to win ?


  • penned_sorcery 247w

    All for nothing and nothing for everything. We jumped back and forth to search for the beginning, maybe we could find some meaning.