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  • penny_love 70w

    Just tell her
    Does its hurting end
    Does it never ever stop
    Does it lose its hold

    Just tell her
    All rights reserved
    Her injustice cries

  • penny_love 70w

    Hurry quick sidewalk now
    Hurry now sidewalk quick

    Raise each down to earth slow
    Take swift step holding onto rails
    Steep leans gravel absent fails

    Hurry now
    Sidewalk quick
    Sidewalk now
    Hurry quick

  • penny_love 70w

    You mustn't be
    at once and for all
    a distraction it seeks to come through
    Be in love
    with a simplicity not lost
    I knew it also to be missing often
    If findings been on easy
    never do you want to replace
    Your heart it will be
    in kindness held dear
    To stay it might truly need to be hidden
    While open and soft wanes on want
    Remind it to most
    keep hope heavily on hold
    in addition to ache and ease
    offer yours without excess
    To hush all that's ever hurt you
    unapologetically do it so
    Be not without sincerity inside
    Fill its brim to soothe
    With honor we heal
    indeed time it takes
    Prevail must be its power
    Without the use of harm it must
    in leastways
    always be done

    There in time
    still leafs slumber outside
    On the edges it beats
    your chest and throat awakes
    Both is a silence
    then again a silencer
    Both is the deaf
    then again a deafening
    You now want
    to rename it again
    so more realistic
    maybe not it would seem
    A bold idea
    attempting to locate
    you've mastered in cases
    bothered not by hand
    Revamped are our
    regains in each
    Changes to age inspire
    Ebbing on celebrations
    Rare my wills reflect

  • penny_love 70w


    It was morning again
    I thought id come and revisit you
    The sky was a ceiling
    Heavy clouds did overcast
    A burning familiarity
    From two sleepy eyes arose
    notes of times earlier toasty
    A new cook and sink had song
    My nostrils delighted inhales
    Yet fully awoke nor eaten
    A plate in the distance
    white displays hear I use
    clinks past in echo fast
    With held old bone and blade
    Sharply its handles are layed
    3 spreads for bread tests
    awaits a table made of air
    on empty savors paces atop
    In each passing year
    tears pooled droplets lost
    a steely settlement last
    Old were these buds
    who'd hunger on none
    Butter is best when simplest
    Fading all rumble less is now
    Only did ever always survive

  • penny_love 71w

    I asked what are they all looking at
    I was told it was what I wear
    I said but they keep looking when I wear something or nothing

  • penny_love 71w

    Ill still
    Ill stop
    Ill ask
    Here inside a heartbeat halts
    In this silence exists
    A portion of my peace

  • penny_love 71w

    You hide you hide
    That man inside you last night died
    That man my other half may he be
    You hide you hide
    That woman inside you last night died
    That woman my other half may she be
    Before here before here
    Riddles narrow expanse survivalists floor
    Over there over there
    Plaid knee of power no pervert above provoke
    Quick hide quick hide
    Dear sharp is my mercy
    Both blades and bone have none

  • penny_love 71w


    Now that
    you did say go
    May the unlovable be dead
    Was it not enough this much
    To have these arms open
    Without you inside of them...

    May the unloveable be dead

  • penny_love 71w

    Your entitled to the eyes
    Who act not in silence
    Watching anothers suffering

  • penny_love 71w

    It was name day for the fridge

    It was name day for the fridge
    I had in the past given one
    A westinghouse not to be exact
    She was being abused and used
    Somehow I did have to notice
    It was always being filled and labeled
    She had more than her own mouth
    To blame and feed
    A ritual begun before the door opened
    A expert on odor and food
    Her waste was allocated B sharp
    All her desserts topped when froze
    Not to be shared with any children
    Fingerprints and magnets archived
    All diets and menus had a code