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  • peterneil 11w

    Embrace Failure

    Failure is never final
    Mistakes are never futile
    Scars are never lethal
    Life maybe eternal
    But records are never eternal

    Success is not a destination
    But a process
    Where the flames of consistency, perseverance and diligence must burn constantly

    Yesterday is gone
    Today you have,
    Let go of yesterday and make the best use of today. For you can not change the past but can maximize the present.

    Never dwell on your mistakes
    Never assume yourself a failure, how can you learn without mistakes?
    No matter how many times you fail, there is always room for improvements.

    Embrace your Mistakes!


  • peterneil 11w


    With a brush in His hand
    And clay as canvas
    The Lord moulded an elegant beauty
    With perfection in mind
    And swift fingers
    He moulded you, a phenomenal being

    Art in its magnificence!
    Blessed with fragile soul
    Crown with style
    Budding with drum-full of talent
    Flourishing with creativity


    The crown of creation
    The pride of nature
    God's masterpiece
    Even angels gaze at you from high
    Beautiful; absolutely sweet and mild
    A tender soul.

    She is, a woman!


  • peterneil 12w


    Art is a woman, beautiful in all dimensions.


  • peterneil 12w

    I love you

    I love you!

    I still love you in the darkness

    Where you couldn't even see the light

    I will be your ray

    Together, let's betray darkness

    For in love, there is light.


  • peterneil 12w


    Her beauty catches everything,
    As I stare frozen
    She is really dark and beautiful
    She moves like the ocean
    Not violent but calm and pure
    Escape with me; I plead
    To a place where we can smile freely
    And your purity shines forever.



  • peterneil 12w


    Let's travel as the winds
    Settle calmly


  • peterneil 15w

    Our Love

    My Dear Theresa

    It's so sad,
    that we have to painfully pick the ashes from the wilts of our dying love

    While it lasted, it felt eternal though external but largely fatal for our existence

    Your modesty I cherish
    Your soothing grace I admire
    Your jingling glory I adore
    Your sweet heart I love

    I smiled last night as I remember how we planted in March, watered in April and our love bloomed for three Mays
    I cried!!

    So sad we couldn't be for blood have decided our fate.

    Let's pick our ashes and blow it to the wind, let it go with the wind so we can fly again and bloom even in the desert; let's make a beautiful flower once again.

    Your burning desire

  • peterneil 33w

    I miss your kiss on my lips;
    consoling my confidence
    caressing my ambitions
    and massaging my ego.


  • peterneil 36w


    He promised;
    to give her the best
    proceed to doing the dare minimum

  • peterneil 36w

    If we ever fall in love

    If we ever fall in love
    Let's keep it to ourselves
    Make it our little secret
    Let's not tell it to the world
    The world sure knows how to ruin beautiful things
    If we ever fall in love