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  • petrichor_essence 1d

    Don't know

    Walking forward,
    But, something is left behind it feels,
    That can't be comprehended,
    A habit that is eternal,
    Of not letting go
    My feathers,
    But,they have to fall,
    To replace with new,
    Does it matter if it feels home!?
    It is a frame to cover a spot,
    A spot of pain.

  • petrichor_essence 3w

    Treat your soul,the way u would be treating ur favourite thing u desire for you whole life

  • petrichor_essence 3w


    Life,an empty book
    Book,to be scripted with a quill of moments,
    Moments,flourish double-edged experiences,
    Experiences,renders good deeds,
    Deeds,a key to diverse emotions,
    Emotions,the bridge to serendipity,
    Observing the new turns of the path,
    Path,to be chosen by the will,
    The will that gives ambitious vision,
    Vision,the fundings of this startup,
    Startup,we didn't plan but,depict,
    The best entrepreneurs are never made,
    B'coz there's no dictionary of cliché,
    The idiosyncratic stories ever made,
    Triumphant, they are when written by own quill..

  • petrichor_essence 3w

    New year

    Do everything out of comfort zone
    Learn solitude.

  • petrichor_essence 13w

    A new lesson

    Just learnt,
    Not to trust anybody Even if they are good until and unless you observe their every colour.

  • petrichor_essence 16w

    Bad times?
    Say to yourself,
    "Gir bhi gya,
    uth kr phir machayega,
    tera bhai"

  • petrichor_essence 17w

    Subtle but touching

    Your way of replying to someone whether you are busy or not,can alter your loved ones whole mood.
    Be humble and polite.

  • petrichor_essence 19w

    Sometimes small gestures are better than being silent to save a bond!
    Make one step forward and see the
    bond becoming strong again.

  • petrichor_essence 21w

    U are never alone,
    There's a moon out there ,
    Present even when invisible,
    Watching you grow through every pain!

  • petrichor_essence 21w

    It's never gonna end if u don't change!
    Choose wisely what to change either!