100% real is the only way to go you see. No filters; honesty, loyalty and respect is all I ask from all I know, how hard can that be.

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  • pikeeye 11w

    Cutting a long story short

    There was a long story that is summarised by this short story.
    A story of two but the same stories.
    The full and much longer version of the story, equivalent In height word for word in length will stand upwards to 120 storeys.
    It's a wholly true story but if im honest to be true it's not fully whole as I had to of course given the story title cut it that bit short.


  • pikeeye 13w

    In reality (this is reality)I'm really being right really real here

    If you were to ask me,
    being 100% real is the only way to be seen.

    No filters; honesty, loyalty and respect is all I ask from everyone and all I know and those whom may know me. It is so easy to achieve no matter how hard it may seem to be.

    We are heading into a certainly uncertain future from a uncertainly certain past.
    The moments in time back then and from now on forth will be remembered over the years to come.

    It is a given, almost inevitable that the most memorable will/should definitely stay with me all the way up to my last.


  • pikeeye 13w

    Flatulence (pants caught it)

    I just farted and yesssssss shit departed!


  • pikeeye 17w

    Irish news flash!

    The Queen Mother is 'Still Dead'!

  • pikeeye 18w

    Word Prompt: Write a 10 word one-liner on Texture

    What is life?
    If not substance and texture.
    What else?


  • pikeeye 18w

    An ode to Cannabis

    I'm Smoking like a locomotion
    Puff puff no passing as I'm alone so there is no rotation puff puff just like a locomotion


  • pikeeye 19w

    Two short stories

    Oi you, fag! You fucking what, did you just call me a fag?

    Oh my god 'man' you're such a little bitch! →← Bitches always be bitching about another bitch wo'man'!


  • pikeeye 32w

    Horse play

    I recently got invited to a shindig from a horse friend of mine, little did I realise when i got there the cunt was just going to dig me in the shins.


  • pikeeye 37w

    smoking the samsungs ;)

    Pikeeye smokes A Samsung Mobile every minute of a 60 minute hour, every hour of a 24 hour day, every day of a 7 day week, every week of a 52 week year, every year of a 10 year generation, every 10 generations of a century10 centuries of every 100 years and even 1000 generations of ten years for a millenia then repeats this all again for the following 1000 years or next 52,000 weeks of another millennium of 10,000 generations of 100 year centuries

  • pikeeye 37w

    Any figure from the past, present or future,who would you meet?

    If I could meet any figure from the past, present or future, I would want to meet....

    ....whoever it was i was in a past life or whom i am going to be in a future life or who i actually am in a life lived in a parallel universe alongside who i am now, today, to find out if the little cunt is doing any better in life there than i am here, but its still gonna be me so basically the answer to the question is simply however or wherever i chose to meet them past, present or future i will be meeting myself, history is fake anyway, did you witness any of it, have you met witnesses to 99.99% of any of our world history, break it down, word or letter play at work lol Hi>('s')>[Story,], giving you His Story. and its rarely based on a true events, real true story but some scenes and events are dramatised and or completely fabricated for the purposes of peddling the propaganda so we are all obedient little servant slaves to our nations that call us "their citizens". its really just the story we are given from him, the man in charge, his story as he would want you to believe so he can move into the future full well knowing you are a believer and watch how o how you are taken for a ride, on a journey of swings and roundabouts, its all fiction, this is causing me real friction because science is in essence the "truth" of the matter , physically impossible is still possible, until true by definition, and scientifically impossible anything is a possibility, step right up mr fiction, Mr Science-Fiction, hang on contradictory by the very definitions of each topic, the world is full of lying little cunts and we all like a good story to get us going because we care so much about the past and what we never seen but have to relive constantly today therefore not allowing us to live today for today and tomorrows possibilities are endless, because we have been here before, and before that and even before that, every fucking year since it was conceived as an idea or thought in someones brain and manifested itself into our so called history, my history dates back to 5th jan 1986 as i did not exist before then, as our personal history can only be calculated for as long as we have been here or been known of being about to be granted life out of the combined efforts of another 2 life forms mixing it up to spawn essentially that couple in the form of 1 person.......wonder how many people realise or dont as the case may be that they are or you are or we are as it is our mams and dads and ourselves or a cross between the 2 all at the exact same time in the same mind same body and same again please just repeat the story , add a bit extra if you may, we are just generations, we have been here before now just 10x regenerations or generations or from my great great great great grandad to me here now and if i keep the story going 110x generations from now think where the story will have gone and just how much it has come along since it was first told and then retold many a time, each time with many new added and well fabricated lies, i mean lines, lost in translation, no we are just living in a propaganda filled story loving tale telling author who errrm authorities, authority, the story master, the top tale teller, the stellar fella we call our government, they are all corrupt, even they are only told whatever story the last man told, his story and there you have it, esentially you now know all they want you to know so they and you are good to go into the future blind to what your eyes may see for your ears have heard the story, legend has it that its all just myth and make believe, like a tattoo story across the sleeve, all too black and all too white and humans are all too full of shite, but on the night it will be all right because the word is out, the stories that are conjured up from the mouths of some of the aspiring young youths of today, determines where in the future what happed in our past, the future is going to be our history ultimately as long as humanity lasts. stories wether true or false wether we like them or not keep on getting passed, passed down generations and passed on as true when they are fakes and falsified ....yeah this is a true story, humans are cunts and cunts and wankers and cunts and fucking cunt wankers.......i could of said otherwise but then again why would i of lied, despised, liars, lying, prying and dying to tell another, my story ends here, not now, but here somewhere on this page, i get old like the stories told and retold and low and behold up catches with me my age, story of life is over im now dead who the fuck really cares, i never got to live my life for myself i was too busy believing the tales i was told, to be able to create new stories out of a life i could and would want to take into the future, a future where nobody gives a fuck about my past or anyones past for that fact, , my life has lived out right to the breath that coincidentally was my last, all said and done everyone eventually will come to a time when the cover has to come down over the book of life as life leaves me im gone and can no longer carry on this narrative and anyway, this page after the one last is the last page out of the lot. the end.......until retold again ....touch of the new touch of the old, hahaha a completely different new story can now be told...............like i once foretold many a year ago before age got me old, perfected scripts, the full story, the complete show, using literature to paint an incredible yet fictitious picture using words as the paint, but the colour is fading little by little its now ever so faint, like life and a book, this story has to at some point soon come to a sudden but well deserved end.