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  • pinkfloyduwu 1w

    Love has no place for pride, love is a state of total vulnerability toward each other— it's not only the body embracing a bond of skin but the souls collapsing in the blissful state— only pure souls have loved, others just corrupted its meaning.

  • pinkfloyduwu 2w

    Oh! My weeping heart, who found no reprise—

    Neither in the blessedness of God or human sight,

    In this world of bronze, the scorching heart of gold, silver their tan and metal of eyes; the kind of people reside.

    To your desire to be filled why I had to suffer, why sought love on the land of the dead,

    Why cultivate hope on land barren; because I know my tree is in Ashes,

    You who could have slept eternity without a glimpse of light — why? I said why, have you chosen a path of which every human is bound to loom— and doom they met.

    But I know you won't listen, listen not, I said to you now — not until you found — reason be whatever you started this journey for,

    So god's blessing is with you, may you meet wonderful companions and yourself too.

  • pinkfloyduwu 2w

    How easy it is to not believe in god existence than accept the possibility that he is indifferent; like a neglected child whining in an orphanage — people pray and some shun it, some have wept so some laugh— some has been sacrificed and others have envied them, afraid are they from this silence of eternity. This universe is nothing but our orphanage.

  • pinkfloyduwu 3w

    A universe without the embrace of God and, a heaven of lie. Where does one find warmth? oh! My lord.

  • pinkfloyduwu 3w

    Day to night, the only voice I heard is mine.

    My body is numb and my heart is dank,

    I screamed at the shadows of the past but no response I get,

    This darkness is devouring my soul and there is no warmth have to free me, from myself—

    Why no voice has reached my dull senses, why has my voice been unheard in all this eternity,

    Is there no human to call me by my name, is my voice going to be unheeded then lost forever by the gluttony of cruel time?

    So stumbled my voice and hands gesture towards a silver mien; a glamour of beauty, with marble-like, shone her skin—

    Eyes glinted like moon reflect on nights sea, and lips parted to each other like a crimson red field by a deep chasm,

    And all I've talked is talk of her glory — but not a word she had spoken and I doubt even have look at me — listen is all she has does,

    And that's enough for me to take repose in, so winds blew and she's gone; a shadow of past, a shadow of my regret, a shadow Of my reminiscent humanity, a shadow of my unfulfilled love,

    A letter that never gets to his address and God silence remain.

  • pinkfloyduwu 4w

    Is not the persist who've survived but the one who has endured.

  • pinkfloyduwu 5w

    Humans only see things that entertain their pseudo-optimism; bright sky, clean streets, beautiful women passing by, laughing faces of children, the vigour of life. what they don't want to see is obvious to their eyes more than preceding: gloomy sky, filthy streets with old ragged men and women gathering scrap and a bale of that on their back vaster in the comparison of a single body, ugly weeping women, starving kids, dying old men. Why every time and everything should be gratifying, why just condemn things that our ego and politicians present to us when real problems are universal to everyone. no, you only want to weep for yourself.

  • pinkfloyduwu 6w

    This world is confusing and people in it are too— laugh and they will scowl, weep they will laugh— love they will hate, hate they will like you. Hit a lame on his leg and they make you climb the ladder higher or try to help him they will go mad and abuse you till your death and after that, they will build your statue for themselves and singing and dancing all day, in every once a year they called out all this in praise of your name — now I know how god has felt.

  • pinkfloyduwu 7w

    Better be a slave of a master than taking kindness from your kins and neighbours.

  • pinkfloyduwu 8w

    Had a feeling ever after saw a stranger lonely and sad looking on street or place you sitting alone and your heart betrayed a pity and prayer to that soul so they could find rest in whatever they suffering of— it's like one himself laying on a bed of thrones bleeding, and pleading for the sake of other to set that human free from their bed. This will be different though if that 'other' was his neighbour if he is suffering then he want his neighbour suffer too the same, he goes as far to drag other into his own bed — that deep does
    His feelings for his neighbour: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”