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  • pirateking 118w


    Struggling for the original,
    I write,
    Words flowing alongside the music,
    Heart dancing to the sound,
    While Musing upon
    how the strings of the guitar,
    how the beats of the drum,
    how the melancholy in the voice,
    Reflect the heaviness in the chest
    And if,
    Feelings own a frequency
    To resonate to certain pieces of art.

    Struggling for the original,
    I write,
    Trying to grasp my own reality,
    Hit upon by one epiphany after another,
    While Musing upon
    how the colleagues you work along,
    how the teachers you seek advice from,
    how the women you crush upon,
    how the friends you study with,
    how the family you belong to,
    how some of them are check-posts
    Hinting at the perils up ahead,
    how some of them offer reality-check
    blowing you with the truth you overlook,
    how some of them become your diary
    holding you steady in times of curfew,
    how some of them play a cinema
    Injecting you a growth spurt with their plot twist,
    And how everyone is just a postman
    Redirecting the nameless post that you are.

    Struggling for the original
    I write,
    Waiting to be possessed by sleep,
    To access the illusory world of dreams,
    While musing upon,
    how some posts are gifted,
    To carry a storm of emotions at ease
    how some of them are lucky,
    To be caressed by postmen as they please
    how the nameless posts seek an address,
    without having to be nobody's
    And I wondered if,
    The nausea accompanying such posts,
    The anxiety creeping into the envelope,
    The panic attacks lurking for an ambush,
    All of this is needed for the poetry within.

  • pirateking 135w


    He was her confidence and he was her regret.
    And she was in chaos unable to play the roulette.


  • pirateking 145w

    Irony & cliche.

    And the irony is,
    The curse of the werewolf is actually on a new moon night.


  • pirateking 153w

    Miles away from Hyderabad.

    Miles away from Hyderabad,

    In its outskirts,

    Living in a quiet countryside,

    But in an eclectic environment,

    I noticed,

    Sometimes in surprise,

    Largely in strain,

    How litres multiplied themselves into gallons,

    How Metres translated himself into miles,

    How Grams refashioned herself into pounds,

    And how Ms.Celsius became Mrs.Farenheit.

    Miles away from Hyderabad,

    In its outskirts,

    Strolling through uncharted provinces,

    Decoding the mazes the head had contrived,

    Venturing to discover the dormant will,

    Striving to spark a potential wildfire;

    I perceived it,but only rarely,

    And was overwhelmed, 

    At times,

    With the torrent of emotions,

    Akin to the murkiness of the clouds;

    And other times,

    With the emptiness of silence,

    Accompanied by the quirkiness which followed;

    In this void, I perceived,

    That I'm oceans away from Hyderabad,

    Evading all the troubled colonies,

    Populated by the aspirations which are abandoned.

    In such flickers of epiphanies,

    Much alike the lightnings here,

    Living in an Oblivion, I realise,

    That I'm actually miles away from NewYork,

    Skype away from my family,

    Sacrificing my moments of delight,

    In Her paradise.

  • pirateking 173w

    Endgame. #nospoilers

    I am surprised at how the EndGame didn't match the infinity war in the drama it could have explored.

    It was a great cinematic experience but it fell short of my expectations; not because my expectations were as high but because things happened as per plan.

    While Infinity war was not just a cinematic experience but also an edge-of-a-seat thriller, Endgame is a great experience but that's all unfortunately.


  • pirateking 177w


    Be the bee to let her be.


  • pirateking 181w

    P1: Aren't you peace loving?

    P2 : Yes we are, doesn't mean we don't kill mosquitoes who entered our houses.


  • pirateking 181w

    National war memorial inauguration.

    Revenge taken.


  • pirateking 187w

    An year older.

    One year older, one year older;
    Does she always remain sober
    and maintain her composure
    or can she become jocular
    by ignoring the social order.

    One year older, one year older;
    Are the times grim and somber?
    oscillating between humor and temper
    Or is she blessed with the aether
    which bestows her with Milkyway's lustre.

    One year older, one year older;
    Is she still in captive of a robber
    which provides the tales of macabre?
    or did she sever the tethers
    and escape by contriving a maneuver.

  • pirateking 187w

    An year older.

    One year older, one year older; 
    Does the breakup still bother?
    or did the Horcrux bolster?
    Did the days progress swifter?
    And were the years getting shorter?

    One year older, one year older;  
    Did life make her colder
    after letting her smolder? 
    or did she become bolder?
    overcoming the boulder.

    One year older, one year older;   
    Is she leaning on a shoulder?
    ignoring the lessons in her folder
    or does this experience help mold her?
    Giving her the will of a soldier