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  • piu_writes 4h

    शिव ही साई

    काल जई विकराल परम सत्य महाकाल अर्धनारीश्वर ,ओमकार निसर्लिप और नश्वर ,वही सरल वही गूढ़ वही शब्द वही सुर, संग पार्वती सृष्टि निर्माता, त्रिनेत्र धारी विधवंस कर्ता, कर्ता भी वही कारक भी, साई स्वरूप सहायक भी ,मेरे चित्त के धारक भी, शत शत नमन श्री साई

  • piu_writes 6h

    Bolo na tomra rater tara chand er songe raat jagbe sara , ami o to jagbo ardhek raat klanto hoe ghumiye podbo jokhun hobe probhat , kintu sotti bolo to tomra ai timir rater kokhuno bhor hobe ki

    बोलो ना तुम सब रात के तारे चाँद के साथ रात भर जागोगे सारे, मैं भी जगूंगी आधी रात फिर थक कर सो जाउंगी जब होगा प्रभात , मगर सच कहो ना तुम सब क्या इस अंधेरी तिमिर रात की कभी भोर होगी

    Tell me dear stars of the night with the moon in the sky you will be up all night , I too will be awake till midnight then my sluggish body will go to sleep at the wee hours of morn ,but tell me the truth dear stars after the deep dark night will there really be a dawn

  • piu_writes 8h

    Shithil din klanto hoe bohiya jaye re rter tara guni akash e jogmogai re bakul mon ki khuje bedai ta ki paye re jibon chokro jotha cholar chole jai re

    शिथिल दिन क्लांत होकर बहती जाय रे
    रात के तारे आसमान में जगमगाये रे
    व्याकुल मन जो ढूंढे वो क्या पाये रे ?
    जीवन चक्र जैसे चलता है चलता जाए रे

    Sluggish day gets tierd and flows into night
    The night sky is full of stars and they shine bright
    What the heart seeks does it find is the only plight
    Life cycle carries on the way it should be it day or night

  • piu_writes 14h


    Though I find joy in several things yet if I have to pick any three then My child ,my patents and friends ,and my soul family Miraquill is joy to me

  • piu_writes 1d

    खुशियां लाख ले जाइए आप मेरे ख़ज़ाने से पर दर्द की जागीर पर हक सिर्फ. मेरा बनता नहीं कवि या शायर कोई ऐसे ही एक उम्र दर्द सहने के बाद ही ये तज़ुर्बा आता है

  • piu_writes 1d

    #mirakee # rekhta

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    मिराकी के मुक़ाम पर कुछ लव्ज़ ऐसे भी पढने को आये बाहर से जो कड़वे थे पर कुछ तो सच्चे थे इसी लिए भाए

  • piu_writes 1d

    शामे तन्हाई है बंद कमरे में बिस्तर की सिलवटें ये कहती हैं , जिस्म क़ैद है कमरे में लेकिन शहजादी तो ख़्वाबों की दुनियां में रहती है

  • piu_writes 3d

    दर्द में करार आये अब कुछ तो दवा कीजिये
    मिल ना पाये रूबरू तो एक तस्वीर लगा दीजिये
    कितने सालों से आप को देखा ही नहीं जानम
    अब तो इस टूटे दिल को कुछ हौसला दीजिये
    खैर छोड़िये दुनियां के समाने आना फिर आप
    मेरी तस्वीर को ही कस कर गले लगा लीजिये
    आप के आगोश में आकर जी उठूंगी मैं फिर
    इतना तो हम पर आप अपना करम फर्मा दीजिये

  • piu_writes 3d

    Two hearts

    Oh look today what I can see two hearts roaming in a gallery one is so prestine and pure, looks like a young girl's heart for sure . The other is ravaged and broken several times but still mended by the love sublime . Both these hearts belong to me but the second heart seems perfect to me . Because what is broken and mended time and again gathers more wisdom and compassion sane . In Japan there is a technique old , the porcelain that gets broken is guilded with gold. So never ever fear a heart ache remember only strong hearts can love even after a heart break .

  • piu_writes 4d


    This is my own story and definitely an act of bravery . Over the phone my husband told me that he would take away my child and throw me on the streets to beg for mercy , I was shell shocked and tried to reason out with him but all in vain , so I spoke to my parents to share the pain , my parents also tried reasoning with him , that divorcing a spouse is not a matter of whim , so I had to leave my house in the middle of night with my son in tow and a bleak future at sight , but I am glad that I came back to my paternal house , but days of hardship turned me inside out , to start living in a small room for days on end , to go to work and do the household errands , to educate my child , pay his school fees , life definitely was not a matter of ease, but my dad constructed a house for me above his own , I had my freedom to manage my home , but paying the bills was not an easy task , I had to slog day and night but now in peace I can bask , For my son has grown up and soon he will be a graduate ,but still a couple of years more for him for a job to get . But yes all these years I have been brave to survive well in life and created a niche for myself with my creativity and love for poetry you bet , just yesterday I got another feather in my cap my podcast on body shaming had 25000 plays, can you beat that , as a poetess , a lyricist , a voice over artist , a guest on podcast show I have emerged , I have battled it out and a strong person I am a role model for many I have become and I thank God for that.