I freestly my destiny because its not written on paper

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    I lack wings, but through my thoughts I soar with the eagle, to embrace your warmth at day and twinkle with the stars in joy of the moonlight, and purify my soul with your pure enlightment.

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    Human connection was lost long before the pandemic
    Humanity is dissolved and gone yet higly academic
    Our sweetness as honey only favours with money
    We are a crowd yet it is forever lonely

    A global network of communication
    Yet pure lack of understanding
    Advanced in technology
    Only weaponised to annihilate

    The pandemic shone light to who we are
    United in a disjointed form of un-oneness
    The distance made a yearn for connection
    That we had lost since the technological age

    We are robotised and evolve less human
    Glued to the screen of self-destruction
    Lost in a world that was long found
    Together yet very alone

    I yearn for understanding our race
    I yearn for the growth of culture
    I yearn for all positive vibes
    I yearn wishes were true

    I'm lost in a dream
    Where love is more than an emoji
    Im lost in a dream
    Where human connection is stronger than the internet
    I'm lost in a dream
    Where humamity is perfect in its own imperfections

    I'm lost in a dream which to wake from I want not
    For the real realm is bitter and broken
    Where the glass is always half empty
    And where darkness covers the broad daylight

    I hope humanity will save the humans
    For the humans to save the race
    A race with dignity
    Dignity with pure connection to humanity

    #humanity #love #soul #pj_illmind #readthisJ

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    I'm lost in a dream that I wnant to wakeup not
    And enjoy the peace of its lost calmness
    Living as a free spirit

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    To celebrate the anniversary of a life well lived by one of my mentors here and a brother to me, I do a repost of the first collab I had with him @ /kehta hai joker, which was his idea that came from a post he had done earlier on religion filled with lots of questions. I only hope to meet you when the day comes to join you in the spirit realm ��
    Titled A Conversation With God

    QUESTIONING GOD by kehati hai joker
    Did we create god after coming first ,
    or God really did make us
    Is there a divine plan that has gone bust
    Or Is that just nonsense, superflous.

    If I met god on a downtown bus
    Why should I submit and blindly trust
    And not stop to debate and discuss
    why some sleep hungry and some get surplus

    Why does he need mediators for his arquebus
    Why can't he be like Dumbledore and use sonorous
    Why do wallflowers face behavior unjust
    While ungodly men go unblamed for their ruckus
    If evil it was,why did he even make lust
    To win my faith,answer he must

    If we come concocted from stardust
    Then why does vicious shine and virtuous rust
    If man is bad,then as creator isn't he worst
    Is this a bubble,that science is about to burst
    Is there a divine plan that has gone bust
    Or Is that just nonsense, superflous

    So you wanted to debate and discuss
    Or do you want me to make all your questions just
    For one to beleive was never made a must
    Like a sailing ship in life I act as the mast
    I never look at the misdeeds of the past
    For if you repent I forgive and lay it at rest
    All I ask is for the path to be followed at its best
    I never made but I created you first
    For I saw the earth bare it would fall to its own rust
    Don't forget Satan was an but fell from heaven fast
    Never doubt he was from the beginning and attacks at you lust
    And if you slip into his den you'll never see past
    And so my son came to offer life that your redemption may last
    For my mediators were outnumbered by a vast
    So to you I lay no cast,and today as you lay get a rest
    For the question I can't answer is when will be your last
    For this series I've been with you I have laid my cast

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    The past still my present
    In a dome of pretense
    Throughts in a crescent
    Logic out of essence
    My mind an ill-tent

    Within my dark thoughts
    Puzzled in my mind maze
    Lost with encroaching doubts
    Roaming with unknown gaze
    Long gone is its own stout

    I'm my own outcast
    Shredded and torn apart
    My demons can't out-cast
    Can't get to my own part
    Filled with a rage without outburst

    A tour through my mind
    Lost and blown out
    For which I cant find
    Sanity no longer about
    With sight yet as blind

    The tour of my mind
    The past still its present
    Within my dark thoughts
    I'm my own outcast
    With sight yet as blind

    #pj_illmind #mentalhealth

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    As I surf through my mind
    In search of self therapy
    I uncover my demons
    And I'm no longer afraid
    They keep me safe
    In my own insanity
    I gain sanity
    From the toxicity
    Of the world around me

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    The was a time when you were hopeful
    And aimed to reach for the stars
    With unlimited amount of joy
    And fiddled with laughter
    Just like a toy

    There was a time you had unending smile
    Packed to brim with positive energy
    With eveeything touched vibrant
    To the world it was joy
    And to the heart love

    And this is the time it all feels a fantasy
    Like a dream that faded with time
    A joy that died in its own prime
    Faded away the ecstacy
    No longer vibrant

    This is the time the smile is upside down
    A frown that forms its own delight
    With a light full of darkness
    Closed end of the tunnel
    To shun the light

    There was a time you were hopeful
    And it was buried by shattered love
    There was a time you had unending smile
    And it faded across with the distance social
    This is the time it all feels like a fantasy
    This is the time when the smile is up-side-down

    Lost between the lines of lost hope
    Clogged within a mind of self-doubt
    Unfound within a beimmed daekness
    Scorched in a time-loop so saddened

    But with a beleive to rekindle once lost hope...

    #hope #soul #pj_illmind

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    Kukua youth ishskua a crime
    Ni a guaranteed jail sentence
    Na kupatwa past curfew, death sentence
    Kwa vitabu za utumishi kwa wote
    Youth ni equivalent to murder
    Paint kwa streets zimejaa red
    Streams zinaflow blood

    The murder charge
    Injustice imekua in-justice
    Wakituambia sisi ndio viongozi wa kesho
    I guess our future tumeiacha in the past
    Na kuona tunaishi kwa the past-present

    Wakisema education is the key
    Lakini locks za mlango zimebadilishwa
    Ndo maana youth wameziweka kwa kichwa
    Juu tuliambiwa akili ni nywele

    Kutembea kwa street ni jail term
    Kwa sababu in my country land mimi ni refugee

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    The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.

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    WHAT IF?

    What if I'm the image
    From my mirror
    Living inside the glass
    Opposite of what I am
    Loving all I hate
    With hate to all that is loved?
    As my left is right
    When right became left
    With me an illusion
    Living a dillusion
    What if I'm the image
    From my mirror
    Living as a shadow
    In a glass wall
    In a lifetime
    Through a lifespan
    Waiting for the shatter
    As I simply fade
    Through black and white
    To the fades of grey
    A coloured image
    In the flow of time
    Reversed in prime
    What if I'm the image
    From my mirror
    By the shadows
    My right not a right
    What if the mirror is my image...?
    I'm lost in wonder

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    All things are difficult before they are easy

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    #poetry #soul #word #pj_potery #200

    For my 200th post, i write out of something I love, poetry in rhymes. To my friends, thank you for all the love, i give it back in plenty that you may have more.

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    Words to a sentence
    As the flow is endless
    Bringing along its essence
    As it firmly hooks a presence
    Poetry potery not in absence

    Words in potery
    To bring along poetry
    As its essential entity
    And doesn't focus on quantity
    But rather bring along its quality

    Words bring peace
    From a broken peace
    With a passion of ease
    To the hearts with a sieze
    And the mind feels a breeze

    Words from the writer
    A heart full of banter
    Broken barriers of laughter
    A moment of now than later
    To form a smile that grows fatter