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  • poetic_rhyme 15w

    Remember me this way

    Choices were made and things will never be the same.
    Smiles fade away as tears soak face takes place.
    Drug addiction came and took my happiness away I'm left lonely and afraid.

    Looking back I wish I could change the choices I made.
    Drowning in debt the feeling of regret as relationship
    stagnation takes its place.
    Loss of interest but who said I was interesting in the first place.

    In the same house in different beds as your feelings depleted and divorce takes place.
    So many years since the last time we kissed I don't even remember the way you taste.

    When we first met I was weak but you became my strength and took the tears away.
    When we go our separate ways please remember me this way.
    I made choices I regret that tore us apart I'm responsible for my own broken heart.
    © Candy81

  • poetic_rhyme 66w


    You've climbed that mountain and swam the oceans seas.
    You've walked through fire and never blinked you're the vision of strength.

    You've smiled through the tears never showing all the pain hidden down deep.
    You've put yourself last because you're the vision of true strength.

    You've had to endure through heartache and grieve you're amazing.
    You've fought a battle that can cause a grown man to stop breathing.

    You're the vision of strength you’ve given me the courage to keep fighting.
    So when you're weak remember you're changing life's daily as you have help me.

    Happy Mother's Day!
    Bobbi Bench
    You're Amazing Never Change For Anybody!

  • poetic_rhyme 78w

    Never leave me alone

    Why can't I forget drowning in all these memories in my head memories I can't forget.
    Haunted by my past an unspeakable craving an addition to self-mutilation.
    Distance and space and an unbearable past a birthmark the Lord gave me.

    Permanent there's no way to forget trying to ignore the taunting recollections playing in my head.
    I close my eyes and flashes of the things past and insanity a dependency a pain freak.
    I look in the mirror at a stranger starring back at me with shatterness breathing for me.
    I only wish to sleep in peace if I die before I wake I pray the Lord, my soul, to take!

    Candy81© 18 minutes ago, Candra Creviston   


  • poetic_rhyme 92w

    My Sons

      Smells bittersweet like honeysuckles soaked in the rain.
      The taste of bubblegum soaked in dark rum as you swallow you feel the burn.
        Echoes of little feet and giggles and screams the sound of love never goes away.
            The feel of warmth from the midday sun as a cold breeze touches your cheeks.
                  The look of a newborn baby innocent and so sweet.
                            Love is the birth of a child it runs deep inside your heart feeling their pain wishing you could make everything ok.

    Dedicated to my sons
    Chavez Sifuentes, Manuel Sifuentes, Carlos Sifuentes 

  • poetic_rhyme 106w


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    Gods Gift To Women

    Just a little song I put together for you.
    Damn boy, you're a pussy a cry baby here let me slap some sense into you.
    Those playboy abbs don't work on me because I will own you.
    Like a lost puppy dog, you'll be on my ass and begging for me to tame you.
    This goes out to all the men who think they're God's gift to women.
    Keep telling yourself that give that ego a boost because you're about to be schooled.
    Here's my whip and rope so the next time your homies see you they're all gonna laugh at you.
    Big dude just got whipped yes it's true this girl just poet slapped you.

    Adult Content 
    © Candra Creviston    comedy • humor • misc • rhyme • society • adult

  • poetic_rhyme 106w

    Gone To Soon

    I heard the news today that the Lord took you away it's not true you're not really gone how can this be.
    I saw a guy that looked just like you a sign that you're still with us don't be sad.
    Your brother said there's Blake that looks just like him I knew then it wasn't just me.

    God took you away way to soon and way to fast so much you didn't get to do.
    Like get married and have kids I know you would have been a great dad.
    So much talent happy feet the way you danced I only saw in movies.

    Save a place for me Blake and when I get my wings will you teach me to fly.
    I know you're flying with my brother now by the way tell him I said hi.
    I will watch for signs because now I have two angels watching over me.

    You are now an angel with wings your memory will live on inside me.
    Don't worry I will take care of Mike and love him even after I get my wings.
    When I cry know the tears are happy tears because I know you're r flying next to my brother and the king.

    Dedicated to my brother in law
    Blake Creviston
    1-3-1993 to 7-27-2020 © 10 hours ago, Candra Creviston    death • sad • family • pain • spiritual • christian

  • poetic_rhyme 107w

    Dark Mystic Grace

    In her innocence pure elegance, the beauty from within glistens on her skin.
    Her heart endures an energetic pull an awareness an aura a musical instrument.

    Will, she ever know how beautiful she is with a heart that matches her spirit.
    In the depths of an abyss, she doesn't see her beauty or how truly lovely she is.

    Behind the fear, she carries within is a dark mystic grace that is hidden behind a veil of tears.
    Girl hidden in the dark abyss let go of the fear release the anxiety and be still.

    Scared of rejection that she won't fit in when she is the one that others desire her loving grace.
    Makeup to cover her face a cover girl when her beauty is natural it radiates from her skin.

    Girl in her dark mystic grace open your eyes look in the mirror see the beauty within.
    Feel the beat of your heart let your spirit release the glorious charm upon your face.

    Smile at your reflection and say I am beautiful I am comfortable in my own skin.
    Then know you're more than a pretty face and let your heart lead the way.

    Then when the day comes you can look at your own face and say I made it I'm ok.
    Along the way help someone who may be feeling less than scared to look at her own face.

    Shine your light lady dark mystic grace revealing the beauty of her face.
    Then rest assured knowing her reflection will radiate the elegance of a beautiful girl she has always been.

    Candy81 © Candra Creviston    

  • poetic_rhyme 108w


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  • poetic_rhyme 109w

    Negative Energies

    Lack of empathy
    Selfishness negative energies.

    Candy81 © 10 minutes ago, Candra Creviston

  • poetic_rhyme 110w


    Only a broken heart will ever truly love the light and dark sides of a flawed heart.
    (yin yang)

    © 2 years ago, Candra Creviston