A Movement Therapist, Theater Artist, Dance Teacher �� And A Poet ��

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  • poetrani 3w

    Not your world

    If you are of no use to someone, then you do not fit in their world, like a dirty drain carries away even the holy drops of the rainy season.

  • poetrani 6w

    Isn't it?

    You want to keep the blood and the milk hidden as if the womb and the breast never fed you

  • poetrani 8w

    "The last Angel"

    She Arose from the darkest of the night, shining like the moon,the stars filled her intimate power as she drew out darkness with her dark desires.
    She whispered "tell me, what is it that you truly desire?"
    I was caught.
    "I want to feel what can
    never be truly filled.
    I want to play in the rain with teddy bears. Get dirty. Roll around in mud. Redo all my childhood memories.
    Try to grip every end of my wild imaginations that
    bubble in my dreams.
    I want to be forever interwined to you.
    Together let's reach the
    deepest of the oceans.
    Go deeper. Sink. Beyond it's floor.

  • poetrani 9w

    Isn't it?

    Life didn't give my chances,
    Told me to grab them,
    By the time I realised it,
    Time already left me behind.
    For the rest of the time,
    I worked hard, and realised,
    I grabbed the right
    opportunities at wrong times,
    And wrong ones at right time

  • poetrani 10w


    "Why I'm so into myself, you ask? Because I can't count on someone else. I have learned that at one point, no matter how good they are, they going to be tired and gone too. That's why I learned to count mostly on myself. If there's no one going to spoil me, I will be the first to do it, always."

  • poetrani 11w

    In my hometown

    When i was at the age of 10, i start writing Stories. I lived my own imaginatively creative writing that was passionate, stubborn, expressive and emotional, full of adventures and risks, escapades, happy and chaotic. And now at this ripe age I'm living it in reality what a successful writer can feel.

  • poetrani 12w


    Tick-tock the time is running out,
    Tick-tock the candles are dying out,
    Tick-tock, days are piling up
    one on top of the next,
    Tick-tock this clocks are counting too fast,
    Tick-tock I can't escape the hourglass,
    Tick-tock making me more heartless,
    Tick-tock this is too much to take,
    Tick-tock finding something to break

  • poetrani 12w

    हसीन जलवा

    लहर एक उठी उठी सी
    कश्ती नाज़ुक रुकी रुकी सी
    सांसे भी आहट पहचाने जिसकी
    नज़रे हैं उसकी झुकी झुकी सी
    ताबूत मे बंद वो हसीन जलवा
    कोई खोले प्यास बुझी बुझी सी

  • poetrani 12w


    किसी की बेरुखी से तंग आकर
    रास्ते बदल लिए है मैने
    आसमां को ज़मीन तक ला सकूं जहां से
    ऐसी एक सड़क मुझे और बनानी है

  • poetrani 12w

    Lost one's

    Living life, searching glory
    I forgot my life's own story
    Nothing can be said, nothing can be done
    I lived the life but find no fun
    Lost in echos, lost in storm
    I forgot my way to my home
    I needed help, I needed shoulder
    No on came to remove the boulder
    Hades was waiting, death was coming
    Not even death could last moment stunning
    Seeking happiness, seeking glory
    I forgot the title of my story
    I can't see, i can't hear
    Even if I could my heart no longer cares
    This is end of story, this is end of line
    Not every book has happy ending and it's fine