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  • poetry__for__soul 15w

    Pull me up, let me shine,
    Thought this will be reasons i win,
    Standing aloof on the dancing floor,
    Am one in many line,
    Not the crowds or their cheers,
    Now i know where life resides,
    Though rough and a lot of fears,
    Challenges, changes and chaos,
    Some understanding and
    Multitude treacherous peers,
    I look at the sky,
    Days with full of hope,
    Days with just a sigh!
    I fight, i fight my way!!

  • poetry__for__soul 21w

    भीगी भीगी सी रात है,
    अंधेरा हर जगह,
    सुकून की बयार है,
    घने बादल का पहरा,
    मंद सी मुस्कान,
    चंचल सा मन,
    कितने दिनों बाद,
    रात है नई,
    मिट्टी की खुशबू पुरानी।

    चेहरे अलग हैं,
    जज़्बात वही,
    वक्त खुशनुमा है,
    थोड़ी तन्हाई ही सही,
    आँखें बंद करूं,
    सब सच्चा सा लगता है,
    दिल वापस बच्चा सा लगता है,

  • poetry__for__soul 24w

    It isn't excruciating anymore,your sausade.
    Your fragrance,your essence.
    It's now just a dim glance back to fantacy,
    Sometimes when reality is too hard to handle.

  • poetry__for__soul 31w

    गिर गिर उठती गई, क्योंकि आप मेरे पास थे,
    पथरीले पर कठिन नहीं थे रास्ते,
    दूर होकर भी,पुराने सारे लम्हें खास थे,
    फिर क्यों माँ, अब बगल बैठ कर भी,
    अनकहे इतने एतराज हैं।

  • poetry__for__soul 31w

    It's when you are stuck and fascinated by a word..
    You try so hard..
    Today it's limbo for me!
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    Sliding down the alley,i snatched a piece of you.
    Just wanted to show you the dreading limbo, everytime you throw me into.

  • poetry__for__soul 34w

    I purple you

    Even when i can just look upto the sky,
    Can't step up a single line,
    And all i see is the bright light,
    Even if it's blinding,
    Even if it's unreachable,
    A balloon ,a colour I adore,
    Rises up,
    Takes me up with it,
    That's hope, that's love
    And that's the path,
    We enlighten together.
    Like we purple us together.

  • poetry__for__soul 34w

    रहो ना पास मेरे, कुछ लम्हें और गुजार लें।
    चलो ना पल भर को थोड़ा और सवार लें।
    राहें अलग होनी है, माना हमने।
    रुको ना रास्तों को थोड़ा और निहार लें।

  • poetry__for__soul 35w


    One day, maybe
    Amalgamation of syllables,
    Will be a meaningful appellation,
    One day, maybe
    Detached from everything else,
    Will be my moment to live in

  • poetry__for__soul 37w

    बेचैन रहती हूं मै आजकल ,
    वजह मालूम नहीं।
    दिन अच्छे गुजरते हैं आजकल,
    बीता क्या मालूम नहीं।
    आईने में चेहरा देख खुशी तो होती है,
    आँखों की मायूसी मालूम नहीं।
    होंठ मुस्कुराते हैं,
    मन की हिचकिचाहट मालूम नहीं।
    रात की खूबसूरती निहारते सो जाती हूं,
    दिन का आलस मालूम नहीं।
    हलचल सी रहती हर जगह,
    दिल का सन्नाटा मालूम नहीं।
    वह दिखता हर जगह है,
    पता मालूम नहीं।

  • poetry__for__soul 37w

    Its not about importance of being healed, but the need to heal and show the world that even if you were weak and vulnerable,what they did to you, made you the marvellous person you are now,with every mark,every wound of past, healed or not, defines you for who u are and not even a thunder can break you, you have become the epitome of what they never could,and that's what is the revenge you get,by looking them and they looking you again, wouldn't it be so beautiful.....!!

    It's broken,but isn't it beautiful!
    Your presence like art so blissful,
    Every pointed edge, every blunt slide,
    Defines your every fall,
    Some with the followed numbness,
    Some with piercing light,
    But see what you have become,
    Something precious,
    Something so hard to overcome,
    You bled my dear,
    Walking thorns,fire,or on someone's desire,
    Every shallow breath,
    Every deep sigh,
    Now the payments have been done,
    Let the world know,
    You reached a new sky!
    Thou take what's been taken,
    And don't forget to return the favor,
    They think you took forsaken!

    #heal #wod #Torimodosu @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    It's broken, but isn't it beautiful,
    Your presence like art so blissful!