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  • poetryandlyrics 23w


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    I was lost but now is found
    I travelled and came back
    But some were gone
    Something changed
    And I understand
    But I miss those days
    When we are all in one place

    Some left to explore
    Some to find where they belong
    But I love that others stayed
    And waited just for me
    Maybe because they always know
    I will return home
    And they don't want me to be alone anymore

    Kali//1:45am// March 2, 2022

  • poetryandlyrics 42w

    I keep looking for love in someone else,
    But now I realized I am looking at the wrong place,
    Because the love I am desperately searching,
    All this time, all this years is inside me.

    October 19,2021

  • poetryandlyrics 42w

    Learn to give and let go.

    Don't be selfish.

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    You can't catch every leaf that falls
    They weigh too heavy to carry on your shoulders
    But you can watch them fall on the ground
    And nurture another beauty, another life

    October 15, 2021

  • poetryandlyrics 43w

    You have unraveled the secrets to my soul,
    You swam in hidden waters to answer its call,
    You turned my fears into golden feathers,
    You turned me into a rose that never withers,
    You taught me lessons I never learned,
    You whispered poetries I never heard,
    You made me a woman full of love,
    You gave me something I never had,
    You changed my life up side down,
    You saved me when I almost drowned,
    You came when I needed you the most,
    Now here I am your canvas, your muse.

    October, 13, 2021

  • poetryandlyrics 43w

    The ocean is calling me,
    It's speaking so loud lately,
    I want to know why,
    Why it is pulling me,
    If I want to know the answer,
    I must be willing to drown,
    Maybe in its depth lies you,
    Waiting for me like you always do.

    October 10,2021

  • poetryandlyrics 43w

    Here I am still clinging to the rope you already let go,
    Still hoping one of this days you'll pull it back to you,
    I still love you, I still need you, I miss you, I still care,
    Even if you're long gone I'm still here.

    October 10, 2021

  • poetryandlyrics 44w

    Hello everyone....

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    I lost me along the way
    I broke down and went astray
    I crawled in darkness
    But despite of all the madness
    I found the light within me
    I found the courage to once again be free
    Now I can breathe
    I can feel the sunshine on my face
    I was reborn out of chaos
    Now chaos chose me as its muse

    October 4, 2021

  • poetryandlyrics 79w

    It was never selfish to love you first.
    Never selfish to chose your happiness.
    For your happiness attracts positivity.
    Making the people around you share that happiness with you.


  • poetryandlyrics 79w

    God, I'm too tired!
    Can I talk to you for a while?
    This place is too toxic.
    The air is too poisoned.
    People here won't listen.
    Others just don't care.
    I want to give up.
    But a part of me wants to fight.
    I'm too weak.
    I'm lost.
    I don't know how to deal with it anymore.
    I need some advice.
    The people I thought would care.
    Are the one's that's giving me more heartaches.

    God, I'm too tired!
    My mind is in a dark place.
    All I think about is an escape.
    All I think about is death.
    My heart is bleeding.
    I'm too torn inside.
    I had no one to talk too.
    Someone told me to reach out to you.
    He said you can help me.
    He said you always listen.
    So I thought to give it a try.
    It might help ease the burden I hide.
    Maybe you will wipe my tears at night.
    Maybe you might sing me a lullabye.

    God, I'm too tired!
    Please help me.
    Help me clear my mind.
    Lead me to a clear path.
    Save me from the souls who keeps on hurting me.
    Save me from the mouths who spits on me.
    Save me from the hands that are choking me.
    I know you can hear me.
    Please give me a sign to feel alright.
    Hoping tomorrow is better than today.

    Yours truly,

  • poetryandlyrics 80w

    Just here to say hello!

    It's been a while. I miss writing but for the past months I've been struggling to keep up with everything that's going on. I'm emotionally drained and exhausted.

    Anyways. Hi��

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    It's been a while since I wrote a letter to myself.
    Not asking for forgiveness or help.
    But writing to say thank you.
    For being strong and being real.
    For finding love from up above.
    And just be grateful for everything I have.

    23rd of January, 2021