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  • poetrybrain 108w

    I might be in love
    It may be real

  • poetrybrain 108w

    I felt a body before
    But never like this
    Your words light a fire in me
    A smile gives rise to a thousand storms
    And somehow
    I find joy
    Is it you
    Your terrible voice of thunder
    Your blinding light in sadness
    Your deep abyss with mystery
    I don't know
    But I'm willing to see
    how far your love takes me

  • poetrybrain 154w

    There is a light at the end of my tunnel
    A star I focus on throughout my journey
    It gives me motivation to stay on this perfect road
    But some days...days like these
    The star no longer shines and I forget where I’m going
    Though I walk forward
    The same direction the light was a week ago
    I forget for a moment that I have a light shining the way
    I feel the frustration of this journey
    I burst into tears lost in darkness
    Wondering if I’m walking in circles
    Then a glimpse of it catches me
    And I remember my light is still there
    Though the view is dark and the path is slippery
    I know I am still on the right path on this journey

  • poetrybrain 155w

    The Perfect Poem

    There is no perfect poem
    Especially for a lover as great as you
    It’s hard to describe you
    Immaculate? Amazing?
    These words are too limited
    And they couldn’t dare touch the surface of your greatness
    I don’t know how to describe your perfection
    Or how to tell you how much I care for you
    But I want you to know
    I love you
    And although there is no perfect poem
    I hope this is enough

  • poetrybrain 160w

    A Pessimistic Pleasure

    A senseless idea to manifest greatness
    To promote a thought into tangible matters
    It is hard to allow peace in a chaotic world
    And to stand for righteousness in sinful matters
    There is no point in your determination
    For manifestation is the destruction of dreams

  • poetrybrain 162w

    It is never too late to change
    A simple complexity can be turned off
    Never to be imagined again
    But if you change
    Do it right
    Not for the boy who sits two rows over
    Nor for that friend who is always put together
    Neither for the parent who criticizes what you say
    But for the person in the mirror
    Who wakes themself up everyday
    For the person who cries without knowing
    For the person who dies but lives in the end
    Do it for yourself
    For you shall be the only one who has to live with yourself

  • poetrybrain 164w

    I no longer trust you
    You lost that privilege
    The ability to call me a killer
    When the blood was always in your hand

  • poetrybrain 166w

    Once Upon A Time

    There was a time your text made me smile and my heart pumped for you.
    A time I thought the world revolves around you.
    A time I believed every word that came out of your mouth, even if it wasn’t true.
    A time I loved you from the depths of my soul and a time I wanted us forever.
    That time was then and this is now.
    Now is a time where I moved on.
    A time where your name no longer gives me butterflies.
    A time that you used to make me happy.
    A time where I can love myself fully without hurting you.
    A time where I no longer depended on your every word.
    A time where I found peace with myself and who I want to be.
    A time that is different.
    A time that I claimed back.

    A time where you now have to let go.

  • poetrybrain 169w

    Everything works for good
    A simple lie can turn into a whole truth
    And a simple heartbreak can lead to a mended mind
    Tears turn into patience
    Lonely nights turn into joyful mornings
    And my broke heart makes you smile
    While your painful past makes me love you forever

  • poetrybrain 173w

    The eclipsed stars hold me at night
    A memory so faint it could become a dream
    I thought you knew the way I felt
    You were wrapped in my arms at night
    Totally sleepless and unhappy
    Hearing the soft cries and whispers
    Haunts me to a neverending sorrow
    Allowing me to feel a piece of you
    But not enough to have you here