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  • poetryfromsoul 3w

    Life is too short to drink bad wine.
    ~J.W.V. Goethe

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    Cheap Colours

    Plastic paper
    slippery ink
    poor sketch pens
    elastic thoughts

    Blank space
    evaporating prismatic prints
    crying hopes
    chagrin destiny

    Delusion smile
    sneering expertise
    mediocre choices
    flowery prints


  • poetryfromsoul 4w

    Hope you all doing good ��

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    Tied a printed kite
    to a bangle on my hand
    with a thread
    invisible to my fate & ideals

    Those prints carry
    a potpourri of natsukashii,
    I etched with him
    between the space lines
    of my excursion

    Adorned the periphery
    with concinnity I breath
    to let it fly above
    the sea of tranquillity

    But the kernel
    exposed to erratic weather
    can effete the quiddity
    I hold close to my chest

    The more I tried
    to preserve it, the worst
    became the scars
    on my wrist

    Finally, I inhaled
    the scent of carpe diem
    and blocked my nostril
    to prevent it from spawned
    and cut the thread
    to liberate
    a part of it
    bohemian to my life.

  • poetryfromsoul 12w

    We all can count a variety of reasons to be sad about but when it comes to jovial moments we sit to think about. How strange it is? If not then count the best moments of your life at least equal to your age in less time and then count the moments that make you feel miserable. Can you see the difference?

    I often wonder why so? Why do we remember the people who broke our hearts? Why do we recall the moments bleeding our nerves? Why do we ponder about things slashing the dignity of our neurons? Why do we choose to ignore the future we can romance with? Why do we not understand the strength our present provides us?

    Coz somewhere in this journey, we have lost ourselves in between. Our thoughts don't belong to us anymore, our belief is struggling somewhere and our hope is shrinking. And that's when fear knocks in with its friends called anger, sadness and loneliness.

    We are been taught so many things by so many people so far except one thing how to be ourselves and why to be so. Do you know how to celebrate yourself?

    Often people suggest and many of us buy the idea of being selfish as a way of loving oneself. But I don't agree with this, how can self-love be equal to being selfish. Self-love comes with the answer to the question "Do you love yourself more than things I have questioned?"

    A part of self-love is the idea of bringing our lost parts back to our souls. The idea of accepting the fact that there is more than to who you are, what you think and what you have done so far. The belief that you deserve more than what you have for now. The idea of embracing the discomfort you running away from.

    When you find the lost part of your soul you will realise the spirit you used to carry once. The spirit your skin glows with at the age when all you can remember was to stay happy. Guess what age I'm talking about.

    Yeah, happiness is one of the major parts we have forgotten with a growing number of our age. We don't know how to make ourselves happy. Do you know how to be happy when you can't see or hear the person you love the most? Do you know how to cheer up yourself when you fail in the 5th attempt of any competitive exam? Do you know how to live and not breathe when you are diagnosed with any disease? Do you know how to move on when someone you trusted the most betrays you? Do you know how to have faith in good when the person who did the worst to you is progressing and you gulping the ocean of grief now? Do you know how to let it go when they bullied you or insulted you for something you can't afford to hear? Just think.


  • poetryfromsoul 13w


    Thank you people for beautiful compliments ��

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    One of the toughest things is to love yourself despite you having blemished skin and thin hair. And what makes it worst is not who gave you these scars but you embracing them every single moment.

    The sight of your knowledge gets skewed to just a few things or a few moments coz you can't get over it. How complex we humans are? I thought humans can't get over ice cream coz of their sweet tooth, I mean the pleasure but so surprised to know we can't get over different flavours too like chilli & salt.

    How strange it is that we see our identity in loopholes of our past and ignore the future completely. Keep trying to fix the flaws to fit in the ideal frame of being perfect and flawless. As if, a little stroke of your colour outside the frame is a sin.

    A little deviation makes you breathless and put you in a prison with a lock having no keys. With this, we welcome SURVIVAL mode. Sun is rising but your soul is deprived of it, trees are giving you oxygen but you inhaling carbon dioxide, flowers are blooming but you keep plucking your scars.

    How miserable we become not coz of other things or people but for the reason that you don't belong to yourself anymore. You ain't liking those scars on your body and so every smile of yours become stinky.

    So we close the door and choose to sit in darkness waiting for someone or someday, to feel and see the fireflies. But is that the solution? If yes, then how can someone takes the place of you when the one is not you and the person your soul is craving is not that one but you?

    You have to clean the mess by smiling, by accepting, by getting over it, by pushing, by living and not just breathing. You have to celebrate yourself, you have to take care of yourself, you have to make yourself feel every moment awesome, in simple words, you have to be responsible for yourself.

    You have to stop chasing irrespective of how strong your desire of longing is for the roads, for the people, for the stories, for the moments that not bringing you joy and peace.


  • poetryfromsoul 16w

    It's a romantic scene from a boy point of view. It's written by a friend of mine. A long one but it's an interesting read.

    @clichepenname sir, a read please :)


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    I see you sleeping
    But you were angry slightly
    I was late
    I call your name and you barely move
    I creep closer
    The tension in the bedsheet and
    the mattress make you aware
    Something is going to happen
    I come near your ear
    I kiss it gently
    You turn your face
    I call your name
    You don't respond
    I say maya listen to me
    You give me a muffled no
    I say I can't hear you
    Before you could reply
    I hold your hair and gently
    Pull on it
    You like that
    Before u have a chance to respond
    I bring my lips dangerously close to your lower lip
    But then settle them on your cheek
    Then you feel my beard
    On your cheek
    It tickles
    For a moment you dont move
    The goosebumps in semi effect
    You try to protest
    But my right cheek is firmly pressed against your left one
    Your heart rate increases as I apologise and breath on your ear
    I put my mouth on your ear
    Time stops for a second for you
    Your defence collapses with the onrushing oxytocin waves
    You say my name
    I go to your slender neck
    To alter the note your vocal cords just hit
    I give a gentle bite
    You grab my hair and you say you need me
    I run my hand down
    Your spine
    Stopping at my favourite curve
    I move my mouth to your slender waist
    And nibble
    Now you are eager for what's going to transpire
    I sit and pull you up to me
    Your face flushed
    You sitting facing me
    I pull you even closer
    You are breathing me in
    You wrap your shapely legs around me
    I grab your hair
    And lean in
    And you lean in too
    To meet at a summit
    Where two red avalanches meet
    Your defence is gone
    It parts
    Ever so slightly
    And you taste defeat in my victory
    This defeat is minty and sweet
    It surrounds your entire being in static
    All the lanugo stand up in unison
    Your body moves to it
    It didn't know it craved for
    Locked in a tight embrace
    Breathing through each other
    Till your anger disperses like
    The rushing blood to ear vulnerable ears
    You needed this
    I needed this
    We stop for a second
    Look into the eyes of each other
    We smile
    As you hug me to let me your heartbeat
    And I gently lay you back down
    Locked in your arms
    You love holding me like that
    I love staying like that and the way you play with my hair
    Then we talk
    Till the sun comes up
    Before I sit again
    And this time
    I dont reroute my kiss
    This time it goes right to the place from which
    You say my name when you are
    In Ecstasy.

  • poetryfromsoul 18w

    ज़िन्दगी भी आज कल गिनतियों से लूम के
    गणित के आंकड़ों के साथ एक आधा शेर पढ़ रही है
    मैं सही ग़लत के पीछे छोड़ के चली कचेहरियां ��

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    Rusty Vessels

    Sound of running footsteps,
    to catch the bullet train,
    overlooked ethics,
    yet tooth shine pride.

    To win metal cups,
    consume protein,
    but like brown coconut
    are hard to crack

    Bronze are they
    but misunderstood of gold,
    rusty thoughts,
    fragile becomes their intellect.


  • poetryfromsoul 19w

    Sidewalk chalk covered in snow
    Lost my gloves, you give me one

    Light pink sky up on the roof
    Sun sinks down, no curfew��

    Happy Birthday ( Bon anniversaire) @/ clichepenname ��

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    Friendly sunflower & cool butterfly

    Spring sunflower,
    in a deserted meadow,
    gaiety fragrance,
    arresting wayfarers.

    A dinky butterfly,
    inhaled the blossoming,
    jovial aura,
    yearning eternity.

    Impulsive oxytocin,
    wanna celebrate amity,
    narrow bridge,
    fearing ephemerality.

    Redolent metaphors
    were exchanged
    shrivel toxic cells
    salving swollen heart

    Fear rushes in
    alarms clogged amygdala;
    for not to be robbed of
    but to be deceived by

    Perplexed desires
    cross boundaries
    unaware of consequences
    plaguing nostrils

    the babble of corrupt time
    peace breathe freely,
    and moments sublimed


  • poetryfromsoul 19w

    कोई थोड़ा ज़्यादा भरा है, कोई ढीला फुस पड़ा है
    हवा पे खड़ा है, हर एक में मज़ा है
    ऐ दिल तुझे पता है, ये लम्हें और क्या हैं... ����

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    Begged at rich doors,
    pink gems,
    I was starved of.

    Some defied and,
    some kind enough to give,
    but the black one.

    I danced & I sang,
    to get selected,
    in their pool of orchestra.

    Some defied and,
    some kind enough to give,
    the place foreign to them.

    I lied,
    not to them but to my sentience,
    rioting inside my stomach.

    They want freedom,
    from spicy & oily chunks
    with which surrounded by.

    Murdered each other,
    felt heavy,
    couldn't step forward.

    I exercised & sweat out,
    bought intermittent fasting,
    And after weeks, I felt light.

    Now I don't sing & dance
    But I read & write
    Clamour collapsed, and there I rise.

    I don't crave pink anymore,
    I prefer green now.


  • poetryfromsoul 20w

    कभी वो शाम आएगी
    जो लाबोन पे बोल लायेगी

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    Burnt Soul

    2 bottles champagne
    1 plate roasted cashews,
    I ordered, to extinguish
    the hot lava eating my intestine

    /Boiling emotions
    Burnt peace
    Dried throat
    Helpless mouthpiece /

    Bloating heart
    stumbling digestion track
    slashed unuttered words
    a dead body, reek curse.


  • poetryfromsoul 20w

    Withered Roses

    Robbed of moisture,
    paled lips,
    colour blinded psyche,
    skewing ecstasy.

    Hormonal imbalances,
    drenched in pomposity,
    spewed vapour,
    sniffling obscurity.

    Lukewarm empathy,
    burnt of sugary tongue,
    rotted intentions,
    stinking roses.