Just a free spirit, writing my emotions instead of bottling them up

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  • poetryinthoughts 62w

    Can we just turn the world off
    And lay in between these sheets,
    With your hand in mine
    This world is so loud
    And its so beautiful when
    We're the only ones who exist.

  • poetryinthoughts 64w

    I gazed into the heart of your eyes,
    Captured me with a riptide of rivers,
    And a celestial fire,
    My heart stopped in that instant,
    The universe surrounded us
    With its mystical storms,
    We became one with the moon,
    And the stars envied us
    For how bright we shone,
    And that's how I knew
    From that first moment,
    Our love went far beyond the reaches of time,
    Or space,
    That through infinite lifetimes,
    I have loved you in each one.

  • poetryinthoughts 68w

    I looked into the deepest parts of your soul,
    But only saw my reflection
    Staring back at me.

  • poetryinthoughts 74w

    We lit the world on fire with our love

    And now, we have to watch it burn

  • poetryinthoughts 74w

    We were the love story
    That never had an ending,
    We only knew where it began.

  • poetryinthoughts 77w

    Poetry is nothing but the echo of our own soul.

  • poetryinthoughts 86w

    If I am broken,
    Leave me be to gather all my pieces
    Let me feel the pain of every bruise,
    May it course through my veins
    And enter every part of me
    Allow me to pick up the shrapnel
    And admire the daggers inside my heart
    Let me feel the depth of the wounds
    And the anguish of the torment.
    I will scream but for a moment.
    Do not save me from my demons,
    They seem to enjoy my darkness
    And I am currently basking in their grasp.

  • poetryinthoughts 86w

    I buried my heart
    Into the deepest of caverns,
    Inside the darkest place i could find,
    So how is it that you're standing here
    Holding the very thing
    I tried to hide?

  • poetryinthoughts 86w

    Dig deep into my depths,
    Did you find what you were looking for
    Or do you still need more?
    Crash into me and watch me burn,
    Are my flames not bright enough?
    Cut me open with your words,
    Are my wounds not deep enough?
    Let me lay my heart wide open
    As it lay broken on the ground
    And still you would say
    Its not shattered enough
    So here, let me light myself on fire
    So you can bathe in my flames
    But once you are done with them,
    Youll douse them out
    Before you leave all that is left of me.

  • poetryinthoughts 87w

    I wanted to keep you in the darkness,
    Away from the world
    In a place that could not be touched,
    Where it was only our souls dancing
    To the rhythm of heartbeats
    And melodies made of dreams,
    I wanted to hold you close there,
    And never let the world
    Touch the magic in our veins
    Or the love in our eyes.
    Perhaps, it was only I being selfish
    And not wanting the world to see you,
    To know you as I have
    Because when you were no longer
    A part of the secrets we kept,
    And the world could reach you,
    It caused you pain
    That not even I could mend,
    And all I wanted was to be selfish again
    But you tiptoed your way into the light
    As if you belonged there
    I held your hand as long as I could
    Before letting go
    Perhaps I never realized that this world needs you.

    But so do I.