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  • poetryworld 158w


    With the support of thumb
    Poetry grows in my womb
    Then flashes in all hearts

    Stupidly falling in love 
    Sadly my groom isn't human

    So I protest in the name of euphemism 
    And personified poetry as my groom 
    In the voice of sarcasm 
    I discriminated human and its whole

  • poetryworld 173w

    To mothers, I love my mom so much, if u love your mom ,will you please like and comment below. Love you all. #zakiyyah'spoem#poetryworldspeaks#hernameispoetryworld#sheispoetryworld#bureauofmagicalthings

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    The orb

    In the rumbling of thunder
    I swished ,to know who she is

    Her elfin face
    Zapped my holded brain
    To sprinkle her powers

    She is the orb


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    In the thread through ease
    A vague strikes
    And so I am mazed
    Standing between nepotism and patriotism

    On her face is purity
    In her face is impurity
    Masked with colours and stripes
    Holding bad ends

    She is a red rose of tree
    with her beauty and fragrance
    The impurity, turns a tunnel
    Draining human hearts

    This tree of bad ends
    Grows dead flowers
    And rotten apples
    In the end ,a nation is killed

    So in the day of light
    Dull darkness trails

  • poetryworld 174w

    Well, it's a new poem, what do you think? Tell me in the COMMENTS and If you love it, please let me see your LIKES⬇. JAZAKALLAHU KHAYR

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    And we are pigs of the earth
    So if we shun from the rotten
    Like a paladin we'll become

    And so we scold our feets
    To elope from the Bush
    But the frills of the bush
    Still whispering in our ears

    For we are paladins
    Even the viper cannot bite


  • poetryworld 174w

    I love this poem, it's deep. Please LIKE⤵ AND COMMENT if you are mazed.

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    Even the sand
    humanly formed
    to blackball

    Roars in the ears of the deaf
    And so, they are marvelled
    Even the heavens sealed their lips

    And the dawn was dogged
    With the roars of the bonnie

    And so,
    Like a lion
    We roar

  • poetryworld 174w

    I know there is no word like unblazed, even in the dictionary but with the meaning of blaze I created the word "UNBLAZED".Blaze:fire ,and "un" is usually the opposite of something, with the word "blaze" and the prefix "un" ,we've gat "unblazed". I will love to see your likes and comment. I love you all #bard

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    In the tongue of the vicious
    I found a scar on my face
    A dead rose ringed around my neck

    Burying my bleeding heart
    in a bucket of ice
    Watering to become flower

    But when the moon finally spoke to my face
    I found a crowned flower
    Dangling around my head.