i am from Canada . i have been writing for 31 years now..writing has been an escape for me..poetizer profile name is schizology

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  • porcupine 18h


    My mind speaks blue
    But my mouth speaks nothing
    And my brain is just like a stew
    And my voice won't do anything

    My mind hasn't a clue
    But my ears hear everything
    And my brain never knew
    That my voice went vacationing

  • porcupine 1d

    Sunrise today

    The sun rising up today
    The light so beautiful
    Such a lovely view
    Looking out the window sill

    The bright yellowish orange
    Shining on the top of the trees
    The bottom half still dark
    In November with a cool breeeze

  • porcupine 1d

    Dear sunrise

    Every day I see you
    So early in the morning
    Without you there
    The day would be boring

    Every day you shine bright
    Warming up all that's around
    Without your heat
    Every one would have a frown

    Every day you will rise
    Bringing light to all that's dark
    We know you're near
    The burn will leave a mark

  • porcupine 1d

    11:40 PM November 28th

    It's twenty minutes
    Until midnight
    The geese are talking
    Like it's daylight

    They discuss often
    Every moment
    Anytime night or day
    Seldom are silent

    Splashing around
    With not one care
    To be free like a bird
    These days is so rare

  • porcupine 1d


    Let's go far
    To another world
    To be together
    Me and my girl

    Let's stay up
    Late in the night
    Talk with each other
    By the moonlight

    Let's sleep in
    Til two thirty
    Under the covers
    Whisper things dirty

    Let's be crazy
    Discuss nonsense
    We'll be silly lovers
    Our love would be immense

  • porcupine 1d

    November 28th 2021

    The cold winds are calling
    Winter well settled in
    The snow now has fallen
    Let the freezing begin

  • porcupine 1d

    Take you

    Take me in your arms
    Do not be alarmed
    I am overtaken
    By your charms

    Take you by the hips
    Never let you slip
    I am so smitten
    By your lips

    Take me by the hand
    Help you to stand
    I will follow
    At your command

    Take you to the moon
    I wish it were soon
    I am anxious
    To play your tune

    Take us right away
    No more delay
    We will travel
    To the milky way

    Take our time there
    Without a care
    The two of us
    Eyes locked in a stare

  • porcupine 1d

    8 pens

    He has a red backpack
    Filled with green grapes
    She has on a pink dress
    A purple flower in her hair

    Both of their eyes are blue
    They're drinking orange juice
    His hair is a deep black
    Her hair is a rich brown

    They are at the park
    Having a lovely picnic
    Many colours combined
    Together form one

    I have 8 different pens ....I used the colours
    in the poem

  • porcupine 1d

    Friends are great

    Friends are so great
    Together you debate
    Discuss silly things
    And eat chicken-wings

    Friends are special
    Anything you can tell
    Laughing all night long
    Growing a strong bond

    Friends will go above
    And beyond with stuff
    Their heart will be loyal
    Their love will be royal

    Friends that will care
    If you get a bit scared
    Taking turns protecting
    True friends over anything

  • porcupine 1d

    A poem

    Poetry is not limited
    It will not be bound
    Poetry is infinite
    A great thing all - round

    Poetry is very random
    What we write down
    Poetry is created
    From what our minds have found

    Poetry is never finished
    The rules can bend
    Poetry gets updated
    I don't think poetry will ever end