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    She depicts the sea.
    Every morning she welcomes the sun for a new beginning by reflecting all its positivity
    to brighten her countenance.

    She depicts the sea.
    Her eyes are pristine like the waters,
    and home to thousands of dreams.

    She depicts the sea.
    Her mind holds tranquility.
    She will negotiate all the noises of the world so that you can listen to the voice of your heart.

    She depicts the sea.
    Her heart is filled with never ending love and care and when you dive deep down,
    all you will find is solace.

    She depicts the sea.
    Her soul is painted with the
    blues of serenity throughout.

    She depicts the sea.
    Every time you feel low and wish to be alone,
    her waves will run through your toes and
    tingle you to cheer you up.

    She depicts the sea.
    On your every joyous day,
    the winds will sing her a song
    while she happily whirls on its rhythms.

    She depicts the sea.
    The blue of your skies will merge with
    the blue of her waves and make
    you fall in love with her.

    She depicts the seas.
    Every time she will meet your shore
    she will wash away all the footprints
    that people left on you.

    She depicts the seas.
    She will blend the evening hues in herself to make you believe that endings can be adorable too.

    She depicts the seas.
    On gloomy nights she will scatter the moonlight and turn it into pearls and leave them on your shore.


    Bg credits to the hidden photographer in me��

    PS: Some of the paragraphs are lame, you can ignore��

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