• rozella 7w

    #saudade #wod

    When I look upon the lad I once was ,
    Ashes of mine youth and and guilts of mine youthful craves
    Unfailingly seizes my soul .

    O the vital past youth !
    Wasn't that a phase I ne'er required ease and rest .
    For unlike instant , my bones sure wasn't feeble greeting death .

    If only I could be that young
    I would certainly undergo mine first love again,
    As harshness and emptiness of my declining years wilt get buried
    In presence of teens, beautiful sorrows coupled with stress
    And undoubtedly in the existence of mine lover's savage expressions ,
    Which once succoured my love life, and one I very much miss till date .

    In whims of youth, was glorious,is breaking all rules
    With the power of friendship, we swayed the whole school.
    From commanding the younger to being the root of all issues,
    Hard to let slip of those strong memories, put together with those innocent folks,
    Even when life moves on , I'm certain all of us relives in it ,
    Even in dreams .

    Youth hood, the broad daylight of life
    Is the definite span of promised happiness
    With verities of greives followed with de trop bundle of advice.

    Ain't prime youth , the hour in which the day of life dies!
    Ain't it the phase packed with considerable pessimism ?
    The innessential aggressions and those unrequired angers
    Did I not feel the loss of patience !

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    Without rueing like me , about mine youth
    O young !
    Gather many memories and enjoy its every minute ,
    For you can never be younger, than this very moment You are .

    And now residing in the fall of life ,
    The spirit of youth and those past life memories
    Saudades my soul ...