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    It's a dark home.Come all,visit it.
    #home #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill @writersnetwork @miraquill
    Tried to make it horror, hopefully it's worth the challenge because it does need renovation.��
    Thank you @miraquill for EC 21 ����✨✨
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    A Living House or A Dead Home

    Walls,floors,windows all had crevices
    The silence was terrifying
    Wet footprints on the floor
    Deads buried under me ,my only foundation
    Bloodstained walls filled the ghostly sounds
    Against the glass,only a strong wind blows
    Tongue of the candle blows away
    and darkness overpowers the dim light.

    Rusted keylocks imprison memories within me
    A renovation is needed to help me
    from house to home
    They breathed under me and now I shall
    breathe under them.
    Once I was left abandoned by a family of few,
    now I shall make a family anew.
    I am slowly decaying in silence,
    visit me soon to help yourself,
    take you to eternity.

    ~Yours,only yours,not so sweet home.