• for_my_unicorn 38w

    For my beautiful angel urf unicorn

    I'm sorry for not writing to you for so long. But no matter what, I'll always be there for you. If not my words, my presence would still be hanging in the air no matter how far you are.

    You see angel, we all our strong humans. No matter how much we question ourselves and our abilities, we will always remain such strong humans who can go through struggles and still come out clean.

    In this journey, while moving towards our destiny, we would slide back, again climb up, feel like giving up and then suddenly have so much strength to move rocks away, and all this is a part of our journey. You would feel like you're failing but instead, you would be making this journey more strong. You would be becoming more immune to any hurdle coming in our way. But among all this, it's okay to sit down. As we sit down, we look down and see what we've left behind, you would see the footsteps which would be telling you that if you've walked till now then you can walk further too, that if you're sitting here reviewing your life then you are yet to see more of it. You would hear the roads calling your name, waiting to be touched by your beautiful and determination filled aura which they rarely come across.

    You have to walk for those roads, for yourself, for your people, to make this world better and to be the person whom one can look at with smiling eyes when they talk about goodness.

    It's not always easy to carry the weight of the things from the journey of the past, so it's okay to put the bag down, it's okay to scream loud, it's okay to create ruckus because it's a part of the journey. To shape ourselves better we have to break down from some places, to create a better us.

    From your miss kindness who loves and adores you the most ❤

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