• love_whispererr 8w

    The scenarios after the climax

    After the climax,
    you crimped all those memories
    inside a wardrobe to
    run away from actuality
    to sleep on the stillness
    of palpable daffodils
    but they hauled your
    corsage with their elflocks
    to tell the rest of their
    forgotten soliloquies.

    Behind the colourful canvas
    of the beaming studio
    you saw that they were
    bleeding colours of solitude
    to palliate the horizon
    and some virgin clouds
    but they couldn't round off
    those scalded elegies
    to clamour their deformities
    under the saffron skies.

    But darling ! I was a mere firefly,
    a mere light in the sea of darkness
    belonged to a night
    which disappeared a long ago
    and inside the rays of sun,
    my existence was a myth
    and the myth couldn't
    stand infront of the realms
    because my back painted
    with grimoires of demons,
    not with butterflies and sunups.