• ariel_writes 63w

    when I meet my distant friend
    Sleep , her stay is bijou.
    Feet pushes me towards
    the couch, which with its
    Huge arms is ready to soak
    all the stress I have been
    Breathing in.

    As I stare aimlessly on
    Ceiling fan, I gather all
    Cushions to feel less Of
    a loner . As I restlessly
    keep scratching the surface
    Couch silently bears the
    burden of agony.

    All my thoughts makes home
    In this couch as I tardily
    start painting skies grey
    And bluish with no white.
    Under the crises of
    Midnight rants, we play
    the melody of 90's.

    We both see the days passing
    And yet it holds me with same
    comfort each time, in disgust,
    Anger , fear or joy . All
    Got best of what it
    could provide .

    As learnt to not put heart in
    people and places ,
    I began to adore
    this precious



    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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