• raghavendran 5w

    A Very Futile Search

    Whether the gray-haired man is an incorrigible optimist or one who is off his rocker, I leave it to the readers to judge.

    A Futile Search

    The gray-haired man was looking everywhere
    For a being that had become scarce or rare,
    To find one such became his life's mission
    And he strove hard to achieve his ambition.

    For years he continued his search
    Like a scientist doing a research,
    But he couldn’t get what he was at,
    People started calling him a nut.

    He had grown gray with the hunt,
    He continued his efforts with a grunt,
    Huffing and puffing and fagged out,
    But he seemed to have a heart stout.

    One day someone asked him
    When the day had turned dim,
    What he was looking for,
    Searching everywhere, near and far.

    The old man answered in a voice full of woe,
    “Dear, I have nothing at present to show
    For I haven’t found the thing
    That will to me happiness bring.

    I’m for an Honest Politician spying,
    Days, months and years are flying,
    I have been dying to find one,
    But so far I have found none".

    The man fell into a silence deep
    And seemed almost asleep,
    But soon he came to life
    With an answer to the old man’s strife.

    "Honesty and politics are poles apart ever
    Like water and oil they mix never,
    So abandon your futile quest
    And try to enjoy the overdue rest"

    He continued with a face deadpan,
    “You’ll surely find such a man
    When you’ll in the sun find ice
    Or when people speak no lies”.

    On hearing this, the old man's face fell,
    He seemed to be under a spell,
    Neither a sigh nor a sound escaped him,
    He was left to pursue his whim.