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    In the folds of October's
    sapphire pleated skirt
    runs an archived tale of us,
    In zig zags of cave paintings,
    fanning wide like a peacock's
    feather, immortalized on
    red spit charcoal and mud,
    And God knows then, I had
    an unfettered wing for a limb,
    and an unhooked spine
    unrushed, gliding in sync
    with you on the dreamy lush
    of a twilight embracing an
    ember studded sky.

    Autumn is as much a
    passing dream as Winter
    is an uninvited guest
    sipping on black dregs
    of melancholia and regrets,
    Burying hand stitched
    leaves of our psychedelic love
    in alien sheets of ice and frost.
    When the snow seeps into the
    roof of my naked shoulders,
    your furlough goodbyes that
    lodges deep into
    the doorknob of my heart,
    fester and wounds,
    like bullets fired point blank
    and the holler of a
    moribund echo recants.

    I sit bereft of words now,
    And from the casket of
    ancient yesteryear's flutters
    the forgotten wings of an
    unweighed heart, waiting for the
    stroke of your thumb on my eyebrows
    and let loose my frowns into smiles.
    I sit bereft of words now,
    Waiting for the familiar touch
    of your warm hands to turn
    the doorknobs and usher the
    gold of Autumn in. I have never
    said it loud, never once in words,
    But God knows, the world was
    kinder when I had you by my side
    Then, I had lesser scars to sew.

    ©Meri Murry
    15th Jan

    Oh, lights go down
    In the moment we're lost and found
    I just wanna be by your side,
    If these wings could fly
    For the rest of my life

    Song ~Wings by Birdy.

    Not really. I started the day with this song.
    First time I am writing on the prompt this year �� I even feel proud of myself ��

    Edit again: @writersnetwork Thank you. You have always been very kind ��

    @miraquill I doubted myself and you gifted me this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    To you all who always stood by me, I love you.
    @amsterdam major missing you.
    #song #wod

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    ~Ben M