• someone_you_know 19w

    It was exactly 24th July 2020, 4:44 pm when you entered in my life. Today an entire year completes. I'm happy as well as sad at the same time. Do you know why?
    Because last year exactly at this time, I had you with me but today I don't! Wasn't our story really short?
    I'm happy cuz you filled my life with colours... actually bright colours. But the sad part is you took all of them back with you. Those colours disappeared , just like you did.

    Thinking about you is just like diving into an ocean
    ...an ocean of laughter
    ...an ocean of tears
    ...an ocean of love
    ...an ocean of betrayal
    ...an ocean of memories



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    And darling,
    Even if you and me couldn't be together forever,
    still I assure you to adorn my heart with our
    cherishable and beautiful memories forever...