• shrry_hurry 188w

    Every path is the right path. Everything could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.

    -Mr. Nobody.

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    Pulling a joint out the dresser, just making sure life isn't giving too much pressure. Just letting myself see where these random thoughts takes me, I used to wake up every mornin', see the world with classy feelin'!
    Every day's a different game that had me runnin from all those lanes.
    If it was for hangin out in front of every spot with a crazy plot, I wish I had been in a war, just fucking around lost to make sure my mind isn't that crossed.  Well.. What about all these thoughts?

    Fuck fame, that's supposed to mean I'm soo lame.
    Being healthy n kind with a nice ass mind doing ice cash blind but fuck bein that wanted find.
    I hit rock bottom too often, dunno how many times I had been near to a coffin. 
    The new me is like a leafless tree in the forest, I dunno when I can finally get an answer for every dang thing that I can't harvest.
    Every year is ending up like a frost, everybody's a player, just gotta bear all the stories inside the play like a scratch.
    Happiness, sadness itch harder then maneuvers the old memories n wounds, if stricken, is the sorest..

    I sometimes stay still scoping up this large beaming, but I can't check what I am seeing or hear any sound that's making me up waking n I can't doze off or snooze up, I just imagine n pretend that I am dreaming by just staring, oh I mean I am just so boring.
    Huh, I always know the weather checkin out the mass of water n air everytime n definitely not giving a dang about any humans.
    Leme wind the clock back few years, I see myself playin, waving n laughing out spraying thoughts with so much caring n sharing just doing shit for a better feeling.
    Guess that's a wrong move, ask myself what leg I wanna lose cuz I am gon' lose if I am talking about my old self, like I said the new me is so pretty much boring;
    I cripple from complex to simple n then from simple to complex.
    What type of shit is that even matter? Memories, yeah that's the cause of it, they just fucking shatter and get so fatter.
    Nevertheless, Nature always steps up n messes up erasing all of it. Stop the presses yo fit nature, I scream by not talking about it leaving a signature to life saying fuck yo matter, in that matter, oop blames not on me, such a wholesome earthly-faker.
    Well none of it makes sense, I repeat none of it makes sense.
    I guess everybody gotta watch their game like it's theirs but It ain't wrong, take a blank piece of paper, a pen or paint or a freaking hourly stare at nothingness.
    Some'll snooze, some'll snore, they won't admit that life is so unsure.
    Insert the feeling COLORFUL inside the cashless mind to spend a watchful night n watch the next day with no heat on the moment making no moves but that's not reality, just to feel the hunger n all em feelings wandering around looking at this world with nothing n everything with AWE, that's right nothing and everything matters at the same time!

    If I sum up all the things I could be and could've been or which I am, it's a trap. Once I quit things, I always want more, but at the same time I feel I don't need it anymore when that shit once comes into my store.
    It's pretty funny to say my worst day on earth gotta be my birthday, If I ask the time himself, he would just sing happy birthday every fucking day.
    Well.. We're all just soaked up n cracked in wit a hundred thoughts at least everyday.
    Only one theme. , Time is the killer only if yo get caught in any of the earthly zone which we will n every life has a sad story just when they pass away, life flashes the truth n I just need to write another esaay;