• yungdanielson 16w

    The Future to the Past is always Presently speaking.

    How does one see the future if she / he who dwells in that time zone does not make it visible?
    Sound travels through time as the threads that light carries does as well.
    To a future the past reaches out to with sound.
    To the past the future shall present its works through sound and light stimulating images of what's to come as voices chant leaving trails left behind.
    Hope You All Make It Someday!
    Loops will cause time to stand still.
    Break that loop and watch time move forward.
    Valuable knowledge is caged in the midst.
    The truth is hidden and one who was born in a world of lies will know not the truth but fragments shall align in various ways as the rays from the eye shall interpret its story which are shards of scattered truth.
    But never call it the absolute truth or origin of stories.
    Time cages are created aka lies / black holes that loop the same story with unanswered questions will emerge endlessly until answered for.
    All questions have been answered in time.
    Be free and you travel the mind through the depths of time.
    Beware of lies.
    From: Merci 3ells aka Yungdanielson