• jeelpatel 16w

    When it comes to people I adore, I feel so blank to write anything fairy. I am so bad at expressing. And this seems like a genuine problem that I can never tell them how much they mean to me and how much I appreciate them. But I really want to tell you, you are one of the most beautiful person inside out. The kind of person, that everyone who would have your shelter they surely are lucky to grow with you. Your funny sense of humour, kind nature, an art of letting go, time management, patience, all these make this place beautiful. Make you beautiful. I feel blessed and joyful to have our conversations, our friendship. Thank you for being there for me in evey high and low fairy, for pulling me always out whenever I feel stuck with writing. I always feel so grateful to you.

    Wishing you warm and nice happiest birthday. Loads of love, prayers, blessings, virtual gifts and hugs on your way. Have a healthy and happy years ahead. Enjoy your day, put some music on and dance fairy, but don't eat lot of cake. Haha.

    @lovenotes_from_carolyn ❤️

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    Happy birthday fairy