• ruchiabhisikta12 61w

    Dear Banjo
    You entered my life tiptoeing in the tune of "maine payal hai chhankai". I know you have stopped wearing payal since long, but the tinkle of your payal that once used to make me realize your presence, that once used to scare me at night has turned into a music that my ears have forgotten, but my heart still remembers. How can my heart forget it when it adores every bit of you, when it cherishes every inch of moments spent with you. I don't know how much generosity it takes to draw designs on hairs of others, to paint kajal on the eyes of others, to knit fitting lines on dresses of others before adorning yourself for the function. But when I watch you doing these in every occasion, I feel like listening to the hymn of benevolence that your silence sings. Being crowned with the tiara of mess secretary, the way you go up & down fifty times to supervise the mess workers, the way you sit for hours focussing on mess calculation, the way you handle calls restlessly to resolve mess issues make your duty bow down before your honesty. Sincerity signs on your personality when you betray your sleep to go for plot work & class without any miss. Obedience leaves its fingerprints on your character when you attend every event of college even if your mind says a no. In return for dominance of seniors, arrogance of batchmates & misconduct of juniors, you always gift everybody your politeness. The bond I share with you never feels like that of junior-senior. You always feel like home when the night grows with our gossip, when we share chips packet at 1 am, when your palm touches my tresses, when you wake me up during exam nights, when you bring cakes for me from hariyani. I just realized that I am writing all these in the present tense. Maybe because I still can't believe that everything has been shifted into the past. Banjo you know what, some days I stand in front of the mirror to try a hairstyle & remember you saying "didi mu taw sabubele apananka pakhe nathibi." I miss those days when I used to feel confident about my hairs without looking at a mirror. But now I am missing those midnight celebrations of your birthday with didi & your girl gang. Whenever I will meet you again, I wish to meet the same Banjo who reigns a significant part of my heart. Always stay the way you are.
    May the Almighty bless you with everything that you want.
    Keep winning hearts...

    Sending you loads of love