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    [Audio Diary: Recorded Thoughts]

    # Audio 1- How're you? *** 24/8/19

    Hey! Um..I'm just talking here. Soo...what's the best way to start a conversation? Tell your name and ask the other one's? Or simply, as what most of us do these days, is to ask 'How are you?' I have been asked this question a lot...almost on a daily or more precisely, weekly basis. And, each time my answer is the same, boring, sometimes...modified, 'Am fine! How are you?' That's the only reply I have. On a serious note...am I really fine though? Maybe. Maybe not.
    According to me...the answer to 'How're you?' is the most anticipated one. Like we expect a 'I'm fine' in response, don't we?

    When I was young, I thought this was some sort of a petty rule. Now that I'm...you know, grown up...I feel like it's not as petty as I thought it was. I mean, I don't trust my so-called friends...I hardly ever open-up to them. And, when I can't fully trust them with my feelings...why should I let it out to a not so strange stranger? I mean, close friends won't ask questions like 'how're you?', would they?

    Guess it's time to go...three minutes already passed...and I'm not really sure as to what I spoke just now. It felt good though. Uh, maybe..I'll come tomorrow as well..don't really know, let's see. Bye, for now.


    To be continued...?

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    #Audio 1

    //The answer to 'How're you?' is the most anticipated one.//