• amulyapurohit_18 31w

    It's complicated.. they say!
    Maybe it's not.. maybe we are!
    It's miraculous how human brains are sooo versatile..
    Not one wavelength matches the other!
    Men are from Mars, women from Venus... I heard!
    I guess every soul emerged from a different star!
    Perceptions could be such beautiful tools of connection, but the swords of war as well.. I learnt!
    A white to me could be perceived a black...
    Well, a word said n heard can be such massive weapons.. n yes, they do bounce back!
    But is it hard to perceive it a grey...
    Instead of raging war btw the black n white!
    Yes.. it is complicated....
    But it isn't tough to prioritise a person over a perception!

    It's never too complicated!
    All that matters is how sincerely you want to simplify it!

    Spread love.. it's easier!
    The world has enough ego in sheer!