• scyallaspseudonym 174w

    I need a hug.
    Not from a human, not a human hug or a human heart. I need a hug from the extraordinary part of life, the part that has sunsets in the creases of his fingers the part that has sipping on stars in his elbows and whispers of waterfalls behind his kneecaps. I need a hug from the adventure of life. The 76% of my body that is water has gone stagnant, and I need a star to pull on my skin I need a slap from the sun I need SOMETHING to hug the monotony of life away.
    I need a hug.
    I need the arms of an idea I could never have dreamed to come true pick me up and dust me off. I need a hug from the side of humanity that fills bones with fire and eyes with water and heads with dreams so many dreams.
    I need a hug. I need a whisper.
    Anything just to feel like I'm moving.