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    Flash that
    awakes the universe
    diminishing the darkness
    of the black night where
    body shakes for the gulping of
    nightmare which
    haunts the soul
    by releasing droplets of fear.

    Shine that spreads
    the colour to the
    oxymoron creating
    the smile of bright light
    and bathes the woods, the herbs
    the timber with an
    insight of rise by
    distributing the elixir of hope.

    Sparkle that
    paints a canvas
    on the new dews
    of winter and texts
    my darling to sip the coffee
    from the ajar and pokes
    feathered heart
    to chirp the Dynamite .

    You are the fearless Architect
    who sews the pores of black hole
    strings of
    spider taking
    inks from
    the blue sky
    colors from
    And some
    black breathes of heart to pour
    the whites with scintillating verse .

    Rays of Summer Droplets of rain
    Rustling of Autumn Dews of Dew
    Snowflakes of winter Roses of Spring
    Waiting for you...

    Dear muse !!
    sprinkle the magic metaphors turning scars of syllable
    into scintillating allegory

    ~You are my favorite season where can I sink myself

    ©2chinmayee ��

    May This birthday will send you all that your soul deserves . Wishing you a glorious Happy Birthday Bhaiya ������ @abhi_mishra_
    My Hindi Muse

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