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    Still have much more to write on this, but I guess it's enough.

    I want to use my writing skills to write reality, truth and real causes, to write for people and their problem with a mix of my own feelings of truth and love, I don't want my writing to dance around fakeness, imaginations and khayali pulaw, that seems wasting of skills because khayali pulaw are of no use, they are trash, I mean when your writing is not opening eyes of society then why to write��

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    KASHMIR ( Heaven for outsiders and hell for insiders)

    Kashmir, It was a beautiful land decades ago
    Kings emperors and full of sufi saints

    Love and beauty was flowing from every land and river

    From adhan of mosques to the prayers(Puja) of temples to the mattins of church to the ardas of gurudwaras

    Everything was beautifully indulged and connected with one another

    There was no criticism and hate among different religion

    But with the passage of time everything changed

    Peaceful land turned into a conflict zone
    Inhumane people killed lakhs of innocents and still counting on

    Women are becoming widows, kids becoming orphans and from parents, parenthood is stolen

    Everyday blood splits on the streets,
    Create horror and emotional feelings in the hearts

    This land is no longer a paradise and not less than a butcher house

    Those who are fighting for the good cause are framed as Terrorist while those who kill and murder innocents are known as officers

    Small blossoms are openly murdered in daylight and some are under false allegations and detained

    Outsiders come and enjoy our heaven with blind eyes

    Can't they see those murder committed hands of officers and those continuous tears of mothers

    Kashmir is only of kashmiris then who are you who are you who forcefully occupied our paradise

    I am Kashmir and my people are suffering from torturous regime

    When will that day come when you will lose your pride and we will win

    You can control kashmir but never it's people and their hearts

    Majority hates you and few supports you, who are your informers

    I am Kashmir, and my dignity respect is everyday suppressed by those evils

    From decades they are covering our tensions and showing good worldwide

    When people raise their voices against them, they are shot dead some are made blind by pellet guns

    Have outsider ever wondered why boys pickup guns and stones

    I guess not ever that's why still framing them as threat to public

    So unfortunate is that to kill a single person you call your whole team of men

    And in between kill many other civilians under the name of cross fire

    Kashmir is burning, Kashmir is dying, Kashmir will vanish soon from the whole world

    That time you will win because you only want our land and never the people of Kashmir

    So many massacres my jehlum and dal witnessed

    As every time they give their water to remove the blood spots from the streets

    From top of the mountains to the depth of the rivers I am suffering

    Internal pain is suppressed under the name of internal issues

    I am Kashmir and my voice is subdued and if I speak truth I will be murdered