• khalidah98 171w

    We all have fears and they are one of the reasons that is keeping us away from doing the things we love
    Fear is our enemy
    Fear is a virus
    Fear is a disease
    There are a lot of things that may look scary but when you actually try it
    It’s not as scary as it seems
    There are some people that can be afraid of little things like other people, animals, insects, close places, talking, telling the truth, communication, speaking up, coming out your comfort zone and etc...
    Fear will never go away until we are strong enough to get rid of it
    It can affect our relationships, friendships, it can even affect you as well

    When something bad happens at any particular reason, can make you not want to do it anymore
    It can cause you emotionally and physically
    That’s when fear comes along
    Surrounded around you with a huge bubble
    So you need to break it and keep going
    I know it can be hard but it’s always worth trying

    Life is tough but you just have to keep pushing and keep trying

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