• inking_rubatosis 9w

    14 Nov. 2021

    #myth ?

    Snow - (here) to deceive or trick someone by talking a lot or by giving them a lot of information.
    Equinox - (here) growth.

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    Nebulous bedlam

    Nowadays, whensoever,
    she lingers in the verandah of her subconscious,
    she surmises,
    energy-giving light of the Sun to the corner of the darkness,
    vastness of the sky to the caged growth,
    movements of the clouds to the tired hope,
    gentle winter zypher to the frozen love.

    But what heeds the limelight in (nov)ember,
    the question, that choke, everytime
    she linger in the verandah of her subconscious,
    that, "did he snowed in march and proceed it on
    till her absoulte autumn fall ?”
    for which she thought,
    he brought the vernal spring in her equinox.
    "Did he snowed to make you realise
    forever is just a myth" or
    "to make you realise that love is just a pastime,
    just like assembling of snowball with endearment
    to make snowman in snow time,
    when it's usage is done, it gets crushed down?"

    And with unanswered questions, in the verandah
    of her subconscious, upon the flax linen sheet of thoughts
    cushion of overflowed hoarded tear drops,

    ~ she falls asleep//