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    @writersnetwork thanks team for the support and encouragement you always showered on me *-*

    Thank you everyone! Pardon me for not reading you all from past a month I guess, life turned hectic and I feel suffocated here but I can't leave this place . I'm trying my best to read like I used to before. I sucks due to constant headaches and emotional breakdowns. I'm trying to cope up with this all to be strong to fight and to again respire spells of love on you all. Hope you all understand my situation :-) thank you so much for being here . It somewhere breaks my heart that many left and very few are here those whom I know. And the beautiful new users here, my name is Sanam no need to call me Ma'am. I'm a learner like you all I'm not someone who is an actual writer. Please be normal. Formalities scares me , much love <3

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    Unknown: schmaltzy satire or a hetaera of r(l)usty love

    Last time I ate
    my lies a whirl of quarrel
    carried away my verses
    and only giggles of
    treachery kept mimicking
    the unwanted twilight

    I'll leave again
    the chauvinistic approach
    towards the gaslight which
    speaks of love when the
    fireflies massacre themselves
    in its fibster flame

    I'm tired of being called
    names that my own self is
    snoring in that void my heart
    decomposes every second
    I've tried so much
    I've denied myself
    I've deplored darkness
    I've lived a thousand deaths
    I've been eaten by myths
    I've grown an aubergine of chivalry
    I'm done I'm done with this life
    This all feels like an incomplete poem
    A puzzle or a clue


    In this span of time
    concomitantly a star kept shining
    looking at me with woebegone orbs
    It somewhere capture the
    wisteria of souls
    I remember the weight
    my shoulders are bearing
    I'm embarrassed
    Feels like a burden on my body
    has ripened into a nihilistic night

    I'm a failure
    from my first cry which
    didn't even got a clean rhythm
    to this day that I'm not
    even able to conquer anything

    I'm an insomniac
    A person very easy to be trapped by depression
    A selcouth of fallacies
    Never understood the ways of love
    hated the proximity of timeless reveries
    and the worse thing is
    I'm not able to write a true poem
    and such blindness I suspire
    that I'm called a poet

    _ I laugh hysterically when my own words opine with my sentiments.