• shewriteslove 46w

    Absent from the body, joined by love

    A beautiful family
    What a beautiful family
    I don't think my uncle had a single enemy
    My cousin
    His son said
    He was peaceful and kind
    A strong man who kept his own mind
    Even in the midst of fire
    My uncle left this world
    He couldn't live
    Not without my aunt
    A lovely Belle
    Auntie Chelle 
    Would kill me for calling her that
    Her voice soft but mighty
    A lady with a big heart
    Her stature was tiny
    She could light you up
    If you got too fresh
    You'd get a slap
    Watch your mouth
    If you talked like that
    She took a vow
    Carved in her heart
    With him
    It burned deep
    They were never apart
    Death couldn't part 
    Love outlasted them
    We could learn from both of them
    Very few of us have a love like that
    A love that transcends
    A love that it's more than time itself
    A love that grief respects
    Grief moved out the way
    So they can be together again