• gladiator001 40w


    You were there more or less
    In all that I could ever guess
    In leisure or in some duress
    Beyond any words to profess
    For grievances to any redress
    it was hard enough confess
    If touch could only caress
    and comfort a soul in mess

    You were there more or less
    Stranger of an unknown address
    Sometimes cursed, never blessed
    Your love was mostly suppressed
    hardly expressed, rarely impressed
    Closely held but never assessed
    blatantly desired to be possessed
    nascent enough to be obsessed

    You were there more or less
    In all the emotions worst or best
    In open caves or in a closed nest
    Like a storm that has no quest
    Hell grips you with an interest
    And a heaven you want to conquest
    But a pain that burdens your chest
    If you only knew when to rest

    You were there more or less
    Tired with a lack of persistence
    filling me with a hollow presence
    Empty with a chaotic existence
    In silence and in utter negligence
    In tormenting turns of turbulence
    If proximity made any difference
    along the silent infinity of distance