• ratha_virus 83w


    Why am I to write a poem?
    A shrill voice heard inside me.
    I never share my writings with others
    Cause there was no appreciation

    "Is it my fault?
    To be born in a conventional society
    I'm a girl,
    Had only two choices
    Study or marry,
    I'm oppressed by the society,
    And suppressed from the inside "

    Only mom, saw my poem once
    What she said?
    Just "mmm"
    Approved? I don't know!
    But that was all the solace I could muster.

    Just an avid feeling,
    I took a deep breath,
    And asked my self,
    Am I a POETESS ?
    well... no, but,
    I WILL BE !


    PS: I wrote this on behalf of my frd

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    Perhaps I'm stronger
    Than I think